Every Baby Boomer Dreamed of Owning These Cars

Classic cars in a row

Every Baby Boomer Dreamed of Owning These Cars

What are the classic cars that every Baby Boomer drooled over? Classic cars come and go, but few have endured like some of these. If you’ve been curious about what the children of the Baby Boom wanted to drive, then you’re in luck. Today’s guide is taking a close look at five absolute classics.

Pontiac GTO

Classic Cars
The GTO’s lines are still impeccable.

Pontiac might be long gone, but there is something to be said about the classic cars it had on offer.

Why People Love the GTO

Pontiac’s GTO is an almost perfect example of the American muscle car.

The GTO sported a design by John DeLorean and more than enough muscle under the hood with either a 389 or 400 cubic-inch V8 engine. If there was ever a king of the American muscle car, it is the GTO. They don’t call it the GOAT without a good reason after all.

Pontiac Firebird Trans Am

Classic cars
The Trans Am is hard to deny with its unique styling and raw power.

Pontiac’s star began to fade in the mid-2000s, but the 60s and 70s let the company cut its teeth on some classic cars. The Firebird Trans Am is another of the great designs that came from Pontiac, and it is one of the most classic cars to beat when it comes to the 70s.

Why People Love the Trans Am

Pontiac Trans Am
The Trans Am was one of Pontiac’s longest-running models, staying in production well until the manufacturer closed its doors.

The Trans Am had it all. You have classic styling married with some truly massive V8 engines. It isn’t hard to see why this was a dream car for many a teenage Baby Boomer circa 1973. The Trans Am is long gone now, but they’re still beloved.

Chevrolet El Camino

Classic Cars
The El Camino is an oddity but has a fervent following.

Baby Boomers got to see all sorts of odd automobiles during their formative years. Chevrolet’s El Camino is no exception. Make no mistake, this is full-fat American muscle through and through. However, the uniqueness of the design made it a constant fixture in Chevrolet’s product line for almost 30 years.

30 Years of History

Make no mistake, this is full-fat American muscle through and through. However, the uniqueness of the design made it a constant fixture in Chevrolet’s product line for almost 30 years.

Why People Love the El Camino

El Camino
Chevy has yet to issue a new El Camino for fans of the form factor.

What is there to love about the El Camino when it comes to discussing classic cars? You’ve got the style and power of Chevrolet’s V8 engine married with an admittedly odd pickup truck bed. The El Camino was discontinued in 1987, but it is one model that car aficionados are still clamoring for. General Motors, however, remains hesitant to make a new one.


classic cars
The MGB’s styling is more akin to something like a Mazda Miata.

One of the most beloved classic cars among the Baby Boomer set isn’t quite what you might think. Your mind might race to something like the venerable Dodge Charger, Oldsmobile Cutlass, or even the Corvette Stingray from Chevrolet. MG is a thoroughly British affair and one that was carried over by American servicemen in the wake of the Second World War.

Why People Love the MGB

The MGB was a stylish roadster.

Who wouldn’t love the MGB? It features the sort of styling that seems more at home with a roadster circa today than it would for the 60s and 70s. This is a compact and trim little car, the direct antithesis to the land yachts American auto manufacturers were making.

Oldsmobile Vista Cruiser

Classic Cars
This is the family car of choice for the vintage auto enthusiast.

Last, but certainly not least, is one of the most atypical classic cars you’ll see. This isn’t some powerful sports car or a speedy import. The Oldsmobile Vista Cruiser is something else entirely different than the other cars featured in our list today. It offers up something more potent than any of its more revered counterparts, however.

Why People Love the Vista Cruiser

vista cruiser
Yes, you can find these with wood trim.

What makes the Vista Cruiser such an absolute classic isn’t performance or looks, but nostalgia. Memories are certainly plentiful when it comes to road trips, vacations, and just trips to the grocery store riding around with your parents. It isn’t a look at a classic powerhouse, but rather a yearning for something when life was a little simpler.

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