Types of Car Brands: 5 Car Companies You Can Buy From Online Today

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Types of Car Brands: 5 Car Companies You Can Buy From Online Today

Searching for a brand-new car has never been easier. Many types of car brands now make it easy to buy a new car online. With online vehicle retail, there is no need to walk around a car lot. Search for and buy the ride of your dreams in the comfort of your own home! In this article, we share 5 car companies from which you can buy online today, along with an explanation of the buying process for each site. 

Buy a Car Today on These Leading Websites

Gone are the days when prospective car buyers would visit the lot multiple times before buying a new car. Currently, over 97% of buyers will go online to research a car purchase and many only visit a dealership once before they drive away in their new car.

Major car companies have recognized this trend and responded by creating their own e-commerce stores. Subsequently, more than half of car buyers are open to buying online and these impressive sites make it easy to complete a vehicle purchase with some of the world’s biggest automotive brands. 

1. BMW

autonomous ev
BMW manufactures performance luxury vehicles and motorcycles.

Website: www.bmwusa.com/buy-online.html

BMW is at the forefront of online car retailing. In fact, it has offered its entire inventory online since 2015, spanning product lines that include new, certified Pre-Owned, lifestyle, and corporate vehicles. BMW’s online shop delivers an end-to-end online buying experience. That means that it can take you less than 10 minutes to buy a new car!

What Does Buying a Car Online From BMW Involve?

The BMW shop allows prospective owners to:

  • Browse or build the BMW car of their choice
  • Book a test drive for the vehicle
  • Agree on a trade-in value for their existing car
  • Arrange financing and payment
  • Finalize a delivery date 

The entire buying process is mapped out online. While customers are going through the selection and buying process, a sales executive from a nearby BMW dealership provides continuous real-time support. In addition, customers can communicate with BMW professionals by phone, email, or live Webchat in a special BMW Genius sales environment. 

Customers can search for suitable models that are available at dealerships that are near to them. BMW supplies each car with a delivery date and a preferred method for financing. The details are then negotiated in each dealer’s online showroom. Further, BMW can run online credit checks and accept payment of deposits, installments, or the cash value of the car.

Once a purchase is completed, customers are diverted to a selected dealership to take possession of their new car. So far, 95% of BMW dealerships participate in the delivery of BMW Retail Online.

2. Chrysler

cars that start with c
The Chrysler 300 zooms from 0 to 60 mph in 4.3 seconds and is currently available online.

Website: www.chrysler.com/online-vehicle-shopping.html

Chrysler also offers an outstanding online vehicle shopping experience. The Chrysler E-Shop Program enables you to shop for your new Chrysler online and have it delivered right to your driveway. Chrysler started its E-Shop during the 2020 pandemic. Therefore, it has a positive reception with a sustained 20% boost in online referrals that has continued. 

Chrysler offers its entire range of vehicles via the Chrysler E-Shop Program. Thus, all customers have options of buying or leasing a new car, customizing it with trims and upgrades, and having a participating dealership bring them the new car they ordered. 

What Does Buying a Car Online From Chrysler Involve?

The Chrysler shop allows prospective owners to:

  • Shop for Chrysler vehicles online
  • Select trims and packages
  • Arrange an at-home test drive with a nearby dealership
  • Organize financing for the vehicle, including trade-ins and calculation of monthly payments
  • Sign contracts for the new vehicle electronically and arrange for delivery of your vehicle by a participating dealership

People who have used the E-shop note that the process is not entirely electronic. For instance, customers are referred to dealership professionals who may offer additional deals and incentives for the vehicle. On the platform, customers can finalize pricing and leasing options, and get a fast credit check. If everything goes through, you can then schedule home delivery of your new car. 

3. Jaguar Land Rover

cars that start with d
The Discovery Sport replaces the Freelander in a revised Land Rover range of vehicles.

Website: www.landrover.com/online-stores/index.html 

British car manufacturer Jaguar Land Rover makes finding a new car effortless with a suite of online stores that serve prospective buyers from around the world. These Brits have designed their luxury vehicle online store with an online configurator you can use to build and order a new car. The configurator delivers an effortless shopping experience with the time and space to find the right Jaguar or Land Rover for you.

What Does Buying a Car Online From Jaguar Land Rover Involve?

The Jaguar Land Rover shop allows prospective owners to:

  • Select or build a brand-new Land Rover
  • Pay a fully refundable deposit for your vehicle
  • Select from a wide range of purchase plans
  • Arrange a part exchange of your current vehicle with an instant price
  • Visit a retailer showroom to complete the purchase of the vehicle

Land Rover also offers solo test drives where you can take the vehicle of your choice for a solo drive. If you are happy to proceed with your purchase, you can use the Click & Collect service or schedule your vehicle’s delivery to a location of your choice in order to receive your new car.

4. Ford

Ford motor company logo at a car dealership
Ford has its headquarters in Dearborn, Michigan, United States.

Website: www.ford.com/buy/ 

Ford also offers the opportunity to complete the purchase of a new car entirely online. You can search the entire inventory of Ford vehicles, including popular models like the Mustang Mach-E, the Ford Ranger, or the Escape. Ford’s online shop allows you to search for cars by model, price, and features. Then you can customize your ride and work through the steps for completing your purchase either online or offline. 

What Does Buying a Car Online From Ford Involve?

  • Search on the Ford online store for your ideal car
  • Run through the options for customizing your vehicle
  • See the exact price of the vehicle along with any discounts or incentives that you are eligible for
  • Get a guaranteed offer from Ford for trading in your car
  • Order a Ford protection plan for your new vehicle
  • Complete a credit check and explore financing options
  • Finish the purchasing process via your nearest dealer

An important thing to note about buying a vehicle with Ford is that the dealer is heavily involved in the process. They can set and change the vehicle prices you see and also take over the sale in person at any stage in the buying process. Further, Ford dealers can also arrange test drives for your new car.

5. Tesla

How Much Is a Tesla Today
Tesla, Inc., formerly Tesla Motors, is committed not only to creating the most popular EV vehicles but also to providing sustainable energy solutions.

Website: www.tesla.com/ 

If you want to get your hands on a new or used Tesla, the Tesla website allows you to order your new or used electric car online and complete the purchase at your nearest Tesla showroom. Tesla is ahead of the competition in streamlining the buying process by using a dedicated app that prospective customers can download. 

What Does Buying a Car Online From Tesla Involve?

  • Prospective buyers can browse the entire Tesla inventory online
  • Browse Tesla vehicles by zip code, model, trim, and whether the car is new or used
  • View the vehicle in detail, add upgrades and extras you want, then place the order
  • Once your order is placed, download the Tesla app to confirm the order and detail of the delivery
  • You can use the app to arrange the trade-in of your current car
  • Use the Tesla app to arrange to finance your purchase with an instant credit check
  • Set a delivery day for your new Tesla.  

Tesla requires the balance to be paid in full via the app before you take possession of your new car. Customers can pay via electronic check in the Tesla app. However, Tesla only accepts credit card payments for the initial order.

Final thoughts

Over the last five years, buying a car online has become just as simple as ordering from Amazon. Increasing numbers of customers recognize the benefits of taking time to make their vehicle purchases online. In short, try these five leading automotive websites to search for and buy the car of your dreams! 

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Amazon sell cars?

No. Amazon does not currently sell cars, but its Amazon Automotive platform allows people to view vehicles from the leading auto brands. Amazon is currently in negotiations with some car manufacturers to start selling vehicles online.

What are the pros of buying a car online?

Some of the benefits of buying a car online include:

  • Being able to start the purchasing process at any time of day or night.
  • Taking your time to search for the exact car you want with no sales pressure.
  • No negotiations, pay a clear price.
  • A discrete credit check so you can be sure you are able to buy.


What are the cons of buying a car online?

Buying cars online have some important disadvantages:

  • You do not get the opportunity to see the car in real life before you order it.
  • You might not be able to test-drive the vehicle before buying it.
  • You pay the list price of the vehicle with no dealership discount.
  • Online financing options for the vehicle may be limited.
  • Trade-ins may have issues if the value of the old car is disputed.

What is the biggest online car marketplace USA?

America’s biggest online car marketplace is Autotrader!

How many people buy new cars online in the US?

According to ABC News more than 30% of new car purchases are made online.

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