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Our Mission

History-Computer believes in sharing the positive power of technology and information to improve our lives and move the world forward.

Our Editorial Process

We have strict editorial guidelines developed over a number of years. Read more about History Computer’s editorial guidelines here.


We never accept direct payment in exchange for positive reviews. Period. Some technology publishers have sweetheart deals and accept free products from manufacturers in exchange for glowing reviews and commentary. We don’t, and never will. In fact, it’s our belief that History-Computer publishes more critical commentary of popular technology products than any other technology website out there. We strive to be fair and balanced, always evaluating a product or service solely on its merits. At the same time, we won’t hesitate to take a contrarian stance against the conventional wisdom circulating on far too many outlets.


There’s no shortage of incorrect guidance when it comes to researching technology products on the internet, and we know the headaches it can cause. That’s why we go to great lengths to ensure our content is a resource you can trust with confidence. Nothing is published on our site without going through a peer-review fact check and, in every case possible, first-hand experience working with a product or validating that a process we share works.


Our content should always reflect our underlying passion for technology. We know that technology can be equal parts awe-inspiring and frustrating, which is why every member of our team is expected to stay up-to-date with the latest trends and best practices in their areas of focus. That also means engaging with the broader community, listening to your stories, and learning from your feedback to continually improve our ability to provide accurate, honest, and helpful information.

Who Is Behind History-Computer?

Eric Bleeker, Executive Editor and Owner

Eric Bleeker is the Executive Editor and owner of History-Computer. Eric is a long-time fan of technology, spending decades studying and understanding the inner workings of the technology industry’s biggest players and popular products. Considered a respected voice on emerging consumer technology topics, Eric has regularly appeared as a guest on business news shows such as CNBC’s Squawk Box to discuss his insights and opinions on technology. With History-Computer, Eric hopes to share his knowledge, and the insights of our team of technology specialists, to help readers harness the transformative power of technology in their lives.

Meet the History-Computer Team

Our team begins each day seeking out the most important technology topics we can share with our readers. Sometimes that’s researching, testing, and reviewing the latest product releases. Other times it’s addressing the challenges or questions we hear about a new piece of software or hardware. In every case, we strive to publish content that gives you the information you need and communicate it in an easy to digest way so you can get the most out of technology in your life. The best part of our job is hearing from you, so be sure to engage with our team and the broader History-Computer community in our comments section!

Tyler Von Harz, Contributor

Tyler Von Harz is History-Computer’s resident know-it-all when it comes to anything installed on a computer. With more than 15 years of tech experience and a degree in software development, he’s as knowledgeable as they come when it comes to computers, PC components, cloud computing, programming, and electronics. For the past ten years, he’s even operated his own computer store where he specializes in PC assembly and repair. Tyler calls Philadelphia home and loves exploring newly released consumer tech and other gadgets.

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Liam Frady, Contributor

Liam has been involved in tech professionally for over a decade and primarily focuses on computing, EVs, and home audio equipment for History-Computer. He holds multiple technical certifications and a degree in Information Technology. Prior to writing, Liam was involved with a number of tech startups, operating as a network administrator and cybersecurity officer. Liam currently resides in South Carolina. When he isn’t writing about tech, he is an avid tape collector and moonlights as a mixing engineer for audio post-production.

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David Beren, Contributor

When we need someone to dig into a new personal or smart home gadget, gaming system, electric vehicle, or digital media development, David is our guy. This tech savvy and media expertise was built over a decade working with one of the world’s most valuable brands on key media strategy decisions. David has a master’s degree and has been writing about tech for over 15 years. A resident of South Florida, David enjoys retro gaming, cruising, and sunny weather.

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Roxana Bikfalvi, Contributor

Roxana’s favorite topic to write about is personal gadgets, and particularly loves writing about any technology you can use while exploring the outdoors. Roxana has been researching and writing about technology for over 10 years. She prides herself in being a lifelong learner and has two degrees to prove it, one in Biomedical Sciences and another in Business Administration. In her spare time, Roxana enjoys astrophotography, gaming, and discovering new tech products!

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Duncan Dodsworth, Contributor

Duncan has been sharing his tech knowledge, insights, and reviews for years now. At History-Computer you’ll find Duncan sharing helpful how-to guides and product reviews on topics spanning computers, peripherals, components, and gaming. Duncan may have graduated with a degree in chemistry, but we think he’s in his element discussing technology right here (ba-dum-tss). A resident of London, England, Duncan likes listening to music, playing around with gadgets and reading books half as often as he says he does.

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Mike Stover, Contributor

Michael Stover is a husband to one, father of five, proud grandfather, and a cancer survivor. He leverages over 15 years of experience for History-Computer exploring topics including electronics, computers, and related products. Mike holds degrees from Union University and Mid-America Baptist Theological Seminary, both in his home state of Tennessee. Michael has published several books that are available on Amazon, and he enjoys reading, fishing, cooking, beaches, old movies, history, 80s music, and lots of family time.

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Nate Williams, Contributor
Based in the Midwest, Nate frequently covers EVs, video games, space, science fiction, personal tech, cybersecurity, and the history of technology at large. His interests range from the simplest machines to the most complex creations (and everything in between). When he’s not checking out the latest tech and writing about it for History- Computer, you’ll find Nate hanging out with his wife and dog, watching movies, reading books, and trying to find the best dessert spots nearby.

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Drew Baker, Contributor
Who better to bring aboard as our solar technology expert than someone that lives off-grid using a self-built solar array? Drew supports this nomadic lifestyle researching and writing about solar energy, science, and spaceflight for History-Computer. When he’s not at the library, you’ll typically find him chasing waterfalls despite all the warnings against it. You can connect with Drew on his Instagram.

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Luxia Lê, Contributor
There’s rarely a topic that doesn’t interest Luxia Lê (樂璐夏) when it comes to tech. At History-Computer, gaming, computer science and information technology are his main focus. Luxia has been researching technology and sharing insights for over 10 years, and previously worked as a technician in a small studio partnered with Disney. Hailing from Boston, Massachusetts, Luxia spends his free time gaming and building computers.

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Carl Field, Contributor
Carl covers several areas including smartphones, video games (he has a penchant for all things PlayStation), cryptocurrencies, and personal tech. Since 2010 he’s written about emerging trends, reviewed complex products, and troubleshooted pretty much every technology issue known to man. When not obsessing over tech, you can find him playing with his dog, binge-watching TV shows, or spending time in the Metaverse.

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Meet the History-Computer Editorial Staff

Retha Lombard, Managing Editor

Retha Lombard is History Computer’s managing editor. Educated in computer science, Retha’s technical know-how was strengthened across a career supporting mission-critical IT systems and introducing emerging technologies to historically analog businesses. Retha’s attention then turned to sharing that knowledge and experience with the world through teaching and editorial leadership. Alongside the team at History-Computer, Retha’s goal is to help the world know and understand the important technologies shaping our lives. When not busy on the site, Retha enjoys going to the beach with her grandchildren and working and playing in the garden with her dogs.

Trina Julian Edwards, Editor

As a former instructional designer, Trina has expert-level knowledge of eLearning, authoring tools, educational technology, and learning management systems. She has a Master’s in Education from Indiana University and a Doctorate in Education from Northeastern University. She is fascinated by space, science fiction, video games, gamification, personal tech, digital audio, and music production. When she is not editing, she can be found watching movies, playing video games, or going to concerts with her family. She is known far and wide as a cat fancier, an avid reader, a Star Wars enthusiast, and a death metal aficionado.


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Affiliate Disclosure

Some of the articles on History-Computer (history-computer.com) refer readers to products available for purchase on other websites, such as Amazon. When we do, we may earn a small commission for those purchases. While it does not raise the product’s price for you, these commissions help support our site and allow us to continue researching and writing valuable content for you. As part of our editorial standards, we do not accept direct payment from manufacturers in exchange for positive reviews.

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