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The history of technology has an incredible number of contributing people. While Charles Babbage (1791) is considered by many to be the ‘father of the computer’ for his creation of ‘the difference engine’, you could trace the true history of computing further back to Ramon Lull in 1275, or Leonard da Vinci in 1493.  From there technology advanced meaningfully as […]

Nothing has shaped the history of computers quite as much as companies. Incredible mathematicians may have developed theories and concepts that pushed forward what was possible, it was companies time and again that applied those insights to products and life-changing inventions.  One of the most prolific companies in computing was Xerox, credited with a dizzying number of inventions that included […]

The software industry is one of the largest and most influential industries in the world presently. It began as early as 1830s with Charles Babbage‘s Analytical Engine, but was actually established in the late 1950s, when the use of computers for business applications expanded rapidly creating a huge demand for people with programming experience. Gradually the entrepreneurial computer software and […]

The history of computing and computer inventions traces back to 1791 with the birth of Charles Babbage. Babbage is considered by many to be ‘the father of the computer’. In the 1820’s he created the first mechanical computing device, known as ‘the difference engine’. From those humble beginnings a dizzying array of inventions have sprung forth from the first trackball […]

Technology permeates everything today. While software continues to grow and invisibly manage more of our lives, it’s often the actual physical products that become iconic and associated with certain eras.  Breakthrough personal technology products like the walkman, ipod, and gameboy show this best. Others like TI graphing calculators have been a staple in education for decades.  With the recent boom […]

As computing has become more mainstream and vital to our everyday lives many concepts have emerged that help us better understand how computers work and what they are capable of. Computer science has developed many of these concepts like big data, machine learning, and applied algorithms. Others, like the blockchain, have sprung from the boom in cryptocurrencies like bitcoin. Some […]