See Ram’s EV Pickup Truck Up Close – Specs, Features, and More

ram 1500 revolution vs ford f-150 lightning

See Ram’s EV Pickup Truck Up Close – Specs, Features, and More

The Ram Revolution EV pickup just roared onto the scene in grand fashion at the 2023 Consumer Electronics Show (CES). Against the glitzy backdrop of Las Vegas, Stellantis pulled back the curtain on its Dodge Ram 1500 Revolution BEV concept.

The new electric Ram beckons passengers inside with wide saloon doors that get rid of the B-pillar entirely. The truck shows off styling, blending familiar Ram design with sleek lines sculpted for EV streamlining and swanky LED lighting.

More than just another pretty face, Stellantis’ engineers built the Revolution to compete against the growing list of EV pickups. The Chevrolet Silverado EV and the Rivian R1T EV pickup are two beefy, feature-rich competitors that the Ram Revolution must challenge.

Fortunately, Stellantis seems to have built a truck worthy of carrying the Ram banner forward into the electric vehicle age. Its engineers developed a machine that’s long-range, capable, and adds a sizzling streak of sporty power to its pickup design. There are also plenty of mouth-watering features for Ram fans to await. Here’s an up-close look at what the Ram Revolution has to offer.

Ram Revolution Range

“Ram EVs will stake a claim atop truck mountain in terms of range, towing, payload and charge time” according to Ram CEO Mike Koval speaking during the Stellantis keynote address at CES 2023. Koval zeroed in on one of the crucial things EV buyers look for in a vehicle, range.

Analytical surveys have shown for years plenty of range is the typical EV buyer’s top priority. That factor matters even more with an EV pickup, where towing a trailer or hauling a heavy payload cuts sharply into range. The bigger the range to begin with, the farther the truck can carry or pull heavy loads, too.

ram 1500 revolution vs Rivian R1t
The new Ram concept is able to get 100 miles of range in just a 10-minute quick charge.

Stellantis didn’t reveal an exact range at the show. But with competing models like the Silverado EV getting up to 400 miles per charge, the company is aiming high. Stellantis plans to wrap its EVs around four different dedicated electric platforms.

Three are unibody chassis, with planned 300-, 400-, and 500-mile ranges. The company’s fourth platform is the STLA Frame, a body-on-frame chassis with a planned 500-mile range. These platforms will use new battery chemistry for superior energy density, extreme efficiency, and possible 2-second 0-60 mph times.

The Ram Revolution rides atop the body-on-frame STLA Platform. While the vehicle’s weight could reduce travel distance, it might have a shot at 500 miles of range per charge. Even with possible weight issues, it should comfortably match the Silverado’s 400 miles, and probably beat it.

Robot-Assisted Charging

Stellantis’ scientists made the Revolution with electrical architecture capable of “juicing up” that thirsty battery fast, too. Official figures released at CES say the battery soaks up 100 miles worth of electricity in 10 minutes when hooked up to a Level 3 DC fast charger. This feat requires a minimum 350 kW charger and uses 800-volt architecture built into the Ram BEV by its engineers.

An owner can probably charge their Ram Revolution to 80% in under 40 minutes, though charging slows at higher levels. The Revolution also supports Level 1 charging (ordinary 120-volt household current) and Level 2 charging, too. Given the battery’s capacity, these methods are likely glacially slow.

ram revolution
The Ram Revolution comes with a battery-boosting, robotic inductive Ram Charger.

Adding a new wrinkle to the charging game, Stellantis also announced the Ram Charger at CES. The company built the Ram Charger as a robotic charging station.

Looking a bit like a large, squared-off robot vacuum, the Ram Charger lurks in the owner’s garage, awaiting the truck’s return. Once the driver parks the Revolution, the Charger detects it, determines the remaining charge, and rolls underneath to charge it up.

This robot charger frees the owner from needing to do anything to recharge their “Ram Rev.” The robot determines when charging is needed and moves to recharge on its own initiative. The charging port opens itself automatically so the Ram Charger can plug in. A warning chime and blinking lights let the driver easily see and hear when charging starts and when it’s underway.

Hauling, Towing, and Working

ram 1500 revolution vs ford f-150 lightning
The Ram Revolution’s frunk has hooks for groceries, storage accessories, and power outlets.

A major trick up the Ram Revolution’s sleeve is it can fit an 18-foot-long board into its bed – with the tailgate raised. The vehicle’s designers pulled off this bit of legerdemain with pass-through cargo storage reaching through to the frunk (front trunk).

As with most of the reveal, Ram didn’t go into huge detail about stats and dimensions. The bed includes a fold-down tailgate which then turns into a bed extender with fold-up side wings and a rear cargo stop.

Extra-large RamBoxes flank the bed on either side. Since there’s no engine in the front end, with electric motors located under the floor, the engineers added a roomy “frunk” or front truck to the EV.

Stellantis doesn’t have any exact measures or cargo volumes available right now. However, there is a midgate extending the bed space into the cab. The power rear window retracts and then the midgate folds down flat.

ram 1500 revolution
The Ram Revolution comes with partitions for organizing cargo and rings for anchor points.

The other seats, including the front-row passenger seat, also fold flat. Finally, the owner can open a smallish 12-inch port in the front firewall connecting the cabin interior to the frunk.

The Ram Revolution’s user can then put long, narrow objects 18 feet long into the full-length cargo space thus created. The owner can push these in either from the back or through the frunk and the firewall port.

Since the port isn’t very large, the items need to be 12 inches wide or less. Planks, poles, pipes, sections of railing, rebar, and similar objects come to mind as candidates.

With the tailgate down and the bed extender deployed, the length might be extended to 19 feet or even 20 feet. The Revolution also features a standard 2” receiver towing hitch, but towing capacity isn’t yet publicly known.

Performance and Passenger Space

In some ways, drivers will enjoy a Ram Revolution driving experience closer to a muscle car than a lumbering workhorse truck. The vehicle is a dual-motor design.

MotorBiscuit speculates it could dish up as much as 885 horsepower if the company equips it with two of its 330-kW electric motors. The company hasn’t published official torque figures for these motors, but a pair would likely generate 800 to 900 ft-lbs of torque.

ram 1500 revolution vs rivian r1t
Ram Revolution’s interior fits three rows of seating and preserves a usable bed length.

While a 2-second 0-60 seems unlikely for such a hefty machine, the Cybertruck allegedly reaches that speed in 2.9 seconds. Of course, the Cybertruck doesn’t yet exist in a consumer-accessible form where independent testers can verify its speed. But electric motors make awesome bursts of instant torque, so a roughly 3-second jump to 60 mph seems possible.

The omitted B-pillar and salon doors are unlikely to survive the Ram Rev’s production version. Stellantis showed them off to prove how strong the pickup’s cab construction is, making the B-pillar unneeded for rigidity.

The company designed the interior to be “modular,” with plenty of legroom and the ability to be reconfigured. The EV design enabled increasing cabin space, extending the interior by 4 inches compared to an ICE Ram. Seats and consoles can be moved around inside to offer different uses of the space. Stellantis will probably supply full details later.

Taking things a little outside the box, the Revolution seats a maximum of seven people with a third seating row. The two seats in the third row are jump seats fitted to the inside of the midgate. While they aren’t suitable for comfortable long-distance rides, they still add some extra transport options.

Features, Bells, and Whistles

Stellantis’ designers went wild with innovative, attention-grabbing features inside and out. It isn’t clear yet which features are a base trim standard. Some may be reserved for premium trims or slated as optional add-ons. Some intriguing things the company plans to pack into the Ram Revolution include:

  1. A huge 28-inch touchscreen display split into an upper and a lower screen. The lower screen can be put in three positions or even detached and moved elsewhere in the truck.
  2. A flat-topped, flat-bottomed steering wheel the driver can collapse and fold away. Stellantis’ engineers say this creates more room when parked or when using Level 3 autonomous driving.
  3. A video-powered 360° rear-view mirror, and video-assisted side mirrors.
  4. An electrochromic roof the driver can adjust from full transparency to completely opaque.
  5. “Apple leather” seat upholstery made from recycled fruit processing byproducts.
  6. Tough, eco-friendly recycled cork and rubber floor mats.
  7. Distinctive “tuning fork” LED headlight shapes. These are echoed by tuning fork dashboard lighting and similarly-shaped stripes of LED lighting along the inside of the doors.
  8. Voice-activated “Shadow Mode” in which the EV pickup follows the driver as they walk. The EV drives itself at low speed and tags along like a faithful dog.
  9. Four-wheel steering so the Revolution can skitter sideways into a tight parallel parking space, rather like the Cybertruck’s “Crabwalk.”
ram 1500 revolution vs ford f-150 lightning
The Ram Revolution has voice-activated “Shadow Mode” wherein it follows the driver as they walk.

The Ram Revolution has a high bar to cross. It needs to compete with everything from the Ford F-150 Lightning to the Rivian R1T. But if Stellantis’ final production version includes most of the concept’s features, the Revolution looks like a strong potential winner. As Ram CEO Mike Koval said, the EV is ready to “put its broad shoulders straight into the future.”

Technology Updates on the Ram Revolution 

As of now, the Ram Revolution concept vehicle has not received any technology updates as is has yet to hit the market. Ram has exciting plans for its release in 2024, promising an array of advanced technology features. While the concept vehicle remains under wraps, there is a possibility that Ram might unveil some minor technology updates before the grand public debut.

What’s on the Horizon for the Ram Revolution

The Ram Revolution is still in the concept stage, making it challenging to predict with certainty the exact technology updates users can expect in the future. Nevertheless, based on the information disclosed thus far, exciting possibilities lie ahead for the Ram Revolution, potentially including the following updates:

  • Enhanced Range and Faster Charging: With the current range of up to 500 miles, the Ram Revolution could receive further improvements through software updates or advancements in battery technology. Moreover, faster charging speeds may be in the works.
  • Upgraded Driver-Assistance Features: Already equipped with impressive driver-assistance features, the Ram Revolution may see the addition of cutting-edge technologies, such as blind spot monitoring and rear cross-traffic alert.
  • Advanced Infotainment System: The existing 12-inch touchscreen infotainment system with wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto in the Ram Revolution concept might undergo enhancements. Ram could opt for a larger touchscreen or incorporate new features, such as seamless integration with Amazon Alexa.
  • Expanded Connectivity Features: The truck might receive new connectivity features, like remote access and remote start, elevating its overall user experience.

In addition to the highlighted updates, it’s highly likely that the Ram Revolution will undergo other minor technology advancements. These subtle yet significant changes might encompass additional software features, optimized battery management, and improved noise cancellation.

Frequently Asked Questions

When will Dodge start delivering the Ram 1500 Revolution BEV?

The company hasn’t offered a specific release or availability date for this EV pickup. However, chargers are expected to be installed in Stellantis dealerships by the first quarter (Q1) of 2024. The Ram Revolution will likely be released shortly thereafter.

Is the Ram Revolution from CES the final consumer vehicle?

No, it’s a concept vehicle and the production Revolution’s features haven’t been finalized.

How much does the Ram Revolution cost?

Pricing is not yet available for the Ram 1500 Revolution EV pickup truck.

When do Ram Revolution preorders open?

Ram hasn’t announced an exact preorder date but says it will start accepting preorders before the Revolution arrives in showrooms.

Is there a non-EV version of the Ram Rev?

Though executives failed to mention it during the CES reveal, Motor1 claims the company plans to release a gasoline-powered Ram 1500 Revolution, too.

This will likely be a plug-in hybrid (PHEV) model. The better towing range of an ICE or PHEV engine may make this an appealing choice for drivers who need frequent towing capability.

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