Things Every Army Recruit Will Hear During Boot Camp

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Things Every Army Recruit Will Hear During Boot Camp

What does every Army recruit go through when entering basic training? At 10 weeks of training, the average Army recruit must retain a fair bit of information. Today’s list looks broadly at what you can expect when enlisting in the United States Army.

Week 1

Everyone starts training at the same pace, regardless of ASVAB scores.

Every Army recruit starts their journey in the service in Week 1, following some time at the Reception Battalion. Week 1 just follows some core basics, teaching core Army values and letting you know about the fundamentals of being a soldier.

Week 2

You’ll learn quite a bit about ethics and the like when doing training.

Week 2 builds upon the previous week, continuing with training and instruction on core values. This week acts as a bit of prep before the final week of what the Army calls Red Phase, which is instrumental for every fresh Army recruit.

Week 3

Weapons training is a crucial part of any soldier’s training.

Week 3 sees the Army Combat Fitness Test, which is a comprehensive physical examination to make sure you’re in fighting shape as a new Army recruit. The Red Phase is where most fresh Army recruits might wash out, either for reasons ethically or not meeting the standards held for physical fitness.

Week 4

The fourth week of Army training sees a pronounced focus on weapons training.

Week 4 sees the start of the White Phase, the shortest of the Army training modules in basic training. Here, any Army recruit is going to go over the basics of combat. Instruction in teamwork and self-discipline are cornerstones of this phase.

Week 5

You need to be in excellent physical shape to excel in the Army.

Week 5 sees the content from Week 4 continued but with an additional focus on physical fitness, rifle marksmanship, and hand-to-hand combat training. The average Army recruit is expected to be a well-rounded individual. Hopefully, the previous phases have prepared them for the final upcoming phase.

Week 6

Week 6 starts the focus on actual combat operations for the Army.

The Blue Phase is started on Week 6 and marks the final training phase for any Army recruit. Here recruits are going through additional weapons training and rifle marksmanship.

Week 7

Military soldier climbing net during obstacle course in boot camp
You’ll have to understand what it means to operate in a team in the Army.

Every Army recruit has to know the ins and outs of operating in a convoy. This is a special focus throughout Blue Phase, which sees recruits learning how to operate as a unit in a hostile environment.

Week 8

There is plenty of busywork to be done in basic training and as part of your Army career.

Week 8 sees continued field exercises and other training like MOUT conducted. These are vital skills, especially if a recruit is planning on sticking to combat arms occupations within the Army.

Week 9

Military soldiers climbing rope during obstacle course in boot camp
The last few weeks of basic training see recruits preparing for the rest of their career in the Army.

Recruits are kept busy into Week 9, which marks the final week before future troops are destined for the Army. As with the previous weeks, there is a focus on field exercises and weapons training.

Week 10

After Week 10, recruits are officially soldiers in the Army.

The final week of the Blue Phase marks the graduation of an Army recruit into a soldier. Before they can make the grade, however, they are expected to pass 212 tasks to earn the right to be called a soldier.

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