Photos That Recapture the Charm of Early 1900s Beach Trips

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Photos That Recapture the Charm of Early 1900s Beach Trips

What were early 1900s beach trips like? The early 20th century started seeing families becoming more mobile thanks to the advent of more refined transportation like the railroad and early cars. As such, going to the beach became a summer tradition for households.

A Warm Summer Day

early 1900s beach trip
You just can’t escape crowds.

Contrary to popular belief, tourism has always been a thing. This is true even when looking at early 1900s beach trips. This photo depicts an enormous crowd around the beach at Norumbega Park.

The Beach Is Afoot

early 1900s beach trips
Doyle looks dapper for a casual beach day.

Even acclaimed authors like to soak in the sun during an early 1900s beach trip. Celebrated author Sir Arthur Conan Doyle is pictured here with his young son Denis around 1910. By the time this photo was taken, the Sherlock Holmes stories had already catapulted Doyle to international fame.

A Regatta

The call of sailing has always enticed people.

It doesn’t matter if you’re going on an early 1900s beach trip or not, you are bound to see boats. This photo dates back to 1900 and shows a regatta off the north shore of Boston, Massachusetts. You could very easily claim this was a photo with a filter and I would be none the wiser.

Crowded Shorelines


ou can at least take some joy from the lack of skywriting advertisements back in the day.

The North East doesn’t come up when it comes to beautiful beaches for tourists, at least where I live in the South. However, there is something remarkable about the sheer amount of people taking early 1900s beach trips of their own in this photo. This also dates back to 1900 and shows Atlantic City in all its former glory.

Fun and Games

1900s beach
Toy boats and sand shovels never go out of style.

Despite the passage of time, you’d be forgiven for thinking this is similar to any of your vacations. This photo might be a bit older, but it shows a family hard at play with kids and their toys enjoying the sun on this early 1900s beach trip.

Pure Tranquility

The Ruins of Tuloom
This place is absolutely magical.

There is something magical about finding a secluded spot on a beach where you can just get away from everyone. This photo from one of many early 1900s beach trips depicts just that. A secluded cave near the Yucatan peninsula makes for a welcome respite from the hustle and bustle of city living.

The Open Sea

Los Angeles 1911
It is astounding that people sailed without modern navigation aids.

I prefer my time at the beach spent on the sand, enjoying the sun and salty air. However, for some, an early 1900s beach trip was prime time to get a little sailing in. These boats and their pilots haven’t a single care in the world as they enjoy the fresh air and open sea.

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