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Charles Weiss

On August 31, 1886, Charles W. Weiss of Brooklyn, New York, received a patent (U.S. patent №348437) for an Electro Magnetic Adding Machine. Weiss acted as an assignor to the Kruse Check & Adding Machine Company in New York, a manufacturer of check machines, which was also interested in cash registers.

Besides the patent, we don’t have any information about the single-column adding machine of Weiss. It was one of the first adding device with electromagnetic operation, after the machine of Charles Pidgin and Francis Leonard from 1883.

The single-column adding machine of Weiss

The single-column electric adding machine of Charles Weiss

The gear wheels are moved by means of an electromagnetic mechanism, powered by batteries. By pressing of a key, is closed particular contact and in this way is formed an electromagnet, which is rotating a lever, connected with the gear-wheels. The angle of rotation of the lever depends on the location of the contacts.


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