What is Warren Buffett’s IQ? Is He the Smartest Person Ever?

Warren Buffet IQ

What is Warren Buffett’s IQ? Is He the Smartest Person Ever?

Warren Buffet is a multi-billionaire who enjoys reading, spending time with his wife, and drinking Coca-Cola. After earning a Master of Science in economics from Columbia, he went on to earn his millions via investing. Due to his high net worth, people are curious about Warren Buffett’s IQ. Many people also wonder if they could achieve what he has. Keep reading to find out more about Warren Buffet.

Warren Buffett’s IQ

Based on interviews with his siblings and expert guesses, Warren Buffett’s IQ is around 155. Although psychologists disagree on the threshold for genius-level intelligence, 155 is quite high. Only 2% of the population has what is considered to be a high IQ of 130 or greater, with 140-145 currently seen as near-genius or genius-level. Warren Buffet is considered highly gifted and his IQ may actually be higher than 155. Since he’s never been tested, the world may never know the measure of his intelligence.

What Makes Warren Buffett So Smart?

Warren Buffett's IQ
Warren Buffett reads around 500 pages of news, money market information, and more each day before making his investment decisions.

Warren Buffett is incredibly witty, but what makes him so smart? Here’s how he’s been able to build a successful and happy career.

He Loves to Read

Whenever he’s interviewed and asked how he’s built a fruitful career, Warren Buffett always states that he reads a lot. He’s been quoted in multiple articles and books stating, “I just sit in my office and read all day.” In fact, he reads around 500 pages each day, spending around 80% of his day with his nose in a book.

He Uses His Time Wisely

Along with reading regularly, Warren Buffett also focuses on using his time wisely. His daily routine doesn’t change often. He starts every morning at 6:45 a.m. before grabbing McDonald’s on his way to work. While in his office, he’ll focus on reading as much as he can before he makes an investment decision. If he’s not reading or working with his employees to make smart financial investments, you can find him at home, reading and spending time with loved ones.

He Has a Photographic Memory

Many articles, books, and interviews have stated that Warren Buffett has a photographic memory. However, he’s neither confirmed nor denied these claims. If he does, it would certainly make sense, especially since he reads so much and seems to remember everything he sees.

While a photographic memory isn’t the most important part of being smart, it can help with remembering important details and recalling necessary information when making decisions.

He Focuses on More Than IQ

Warren Buffett is considered gifted based on his IQ, but he doesn’t think that’s the most important part about a person. He’s been quoted saying that a high IQ isn’t the key to success, and that “You don’t need a lot of brains to be in this business.” Buffet says that what people need is emotional stability and the ability to think independently.

Buffet believes in integrity more than anything. He will only hire people who can show integrity, intelligence, and energy, even if they aren’t considered the “smartest”.

What to Know About Warren Buffett

Don’t let his billionaire status or high IQ intimidate you, because Warren Buffett is just an ordinary man. In addition to his IQ, there are many other interesting facts about him.

  • He bought his first stock in 1942 when he was just 11 years old. He purchased six shares of Cities Service Preferred (CITGO) for $38 apiece.
  • He drinks around five cans of Coca-Cola each day and goes to McDonald’s every weekday morning for a breakfast sandwich.
  • He’s lived in his Omaha house since 1958 and has no plans to ever move away.
  • He was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 2011. This medal is known as the biggest U.S. civilian decoration possible. It is only awarded to people who’ve made a large contribution to the security, peace, or endeavors of the United States and the world.
  • He learned how to play the ukulele so he could win over a girl that he had a crush on. While she still chose to be with another, that didn’t stop Warren Buffett from keeping up with his newly learned skill.
  • He owned a flip phone until 2020, when he finally invested in an iPhone.

Warren Buffett in the News

When Warren Buffett is in the news, it’s usually because he’s giving advice on investing, the economy, and managing personal funds. However, even the “Oracle of Omaha” isn’t completely beyond criticism.

His main criticisms and controversies have been due to certain investments he’s made. That includes investing in Goldman Sachs during the financial crisis and recession of 2008 and having a board of directors who are friends vs. partner investors.

Overall, Warren Buffett has a fairly clean record with the media, and he focuses more on money than he does on controversy.


While Warren Buffett may not be the smartest man ever, he is incredibly skillful, intelligent, and down-to-earth. He has been able to use these qualities to achieve a very lucrative career, plus enjoy a close and loving family.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the IQ of billionaires?

The average IQ of billionaires is 133, which is considered high but not genius-level.

What is Warren Buffett most famous for?

Warren Buffett is well-known as a businessman, investor, and philanthropist.

What stock does Warren Buffett own the most of?

His top stock is Apple, which his company has been investing in since 2016.

At what age did Warren Buffett became a billionaire?

Warren Buffett didn’t become a billionaire until 1986, when he was 56 years old.

Who currently has the highest IQ in the world?

Terence Tao is a mathmetician who is said to have the highest IQ score of between 225-230. 

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