The Tiniest Guns Used for Self-Defense

The Tiniest Guns Used for Self-Defense

When it comes to self-defense, you can never be too careful. While the idea of carrying around a weapon like a gun remains controversial, it’s allowed in many states. For the most part, all 50 states in the U.S. allow some form of concealed carry, so you can hide a weapon.

It’s with this in mind that you should look for one of the tiniest guns used for self-defense. Not only will these tiny guns adhere to the law, but they don’t require as much weight or support as a larger pistol. This makes them ideal to carry around giving you a chance to fend off an attacker and get away.

Bond Arms Stinger Series

Bond Arms
The Bond Arms Stinger Series is extremely small and pocket-friendly.

One of the smallest handguns around, the Bond Arms Stinger Series is great for protection. You have different models that can fit a .357, .10, .44, .45 Colt, and .410 bore shotshells. Composed of an all-steel construction, the 12-ounce weapon only has a 3-inch barrel boosting its small size. With the ability to easily fit in a pocket, there is little question the Stinger series can help deter a would-be criminal action.

Trailblazer Lifecard

Trailerblazer Lifecard
The Trailblazer Lifecard may be the smallest gun available today.

With only a single shot, the Trailblazer Lifecard is undoubtedly one, if not the smallest, gun available today. Something of a folding utility weapon, the Lifecard is essentially the size of a credit card when folded up. When unfolded, you’ll have a single .22 magnum round available. Composed of both steel and aluminum, the Lifecard feels sturdy while only weighing a mere 6.4 ounces.

North American Arms Mini Short

North American Arms
The North American Arms Mini Short is a great self-defense weapon.

A single-action revolver, the North American Arms Mini Short is a great .22 revolver. There is a ton of detail provided by the manufacturer and these weapons feel super sturdy. Available in all three frame sizes, you can choose one that is as small as 4.2 ounces. While a .22 bullet doesn’t provide a whole lot of punch, there is an aspect of this being a deterrent that fits comfortably in any size pocket.

Ruger LCP

Ruger LCP
When you need some additional ammunition, go for the Ruger LCP.

Available with a clip that holds 6 rounds with an extra round in the chamber, the Ruger LCP is a solid tiny gun. However, this is a gun where you need to be closer to your target for accuracy, as the sights are geared for five feet or less. Range aside, the 5.16-inch weapon weighs as little as 9.4 ounces. The LCP name even stands for Lightweight Compact Pistol, increasing the notion that this weapon is ideal for concealed carry.

Diamondback DB9

Diamondback DB9
If you want some stopping power, the Diamondback DB9 is a solid choice.

A single-stack pistol, the Diamondback DB9 is one of the smallest 9MM guns available today. Weighing as little as 12.8 ounces, the DB9 is said to weigh as much as half its next closest competitors. The lone caveat with DB9 is that Diamondback wants to make sure you have a firm grip. If you have a firm grip, the DB9 can be a great defensive weapon should you ever need it.

Kahr Arms CW380

Kahr Arms
The Kahr Arms CW380 is a good balance between size and power.

Balancing the size of a weapon that sits between .22 and 9mm caliber bullets, the Kahr Arms CW380 is an ideal tiny gun. With a .380 round, this is a budget-friendly gun for anyone who wants a pocket-sized defensive weapon. Kahr Arms even added a locked-breech action that helps reduce the amount of recoil for better aiming.

Beretta Tomcat

Beretta Tomcat
You should have no issues fitting the Beretta Tomcat into your pocket.

The smaller brother to the Beretta 92 series, the Beretta Tomcat, is only 14.5 ounces in weight. When combined with a .32 cartridge size, this is a pocket gun. Online reviews even highlight the Tomcat as being very comfortable. When you also add that it’s only 4.92 inches in length, the Tomcat is smaller than most bananas. At only 1.1 inches in width, there should be little issue fitting this in a pocket.

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