States Where You’re Most Likely to be Robbed

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States Where You’re Most Likely to be Robbed

If you’re someone who watches the evening news regularly, you might think robberies are happening to everyone. However, according to the FBI tracking data, the rate of robbery offenses in 2022 by the U.S. population is only 66.1 per 100,000 people. 

To help put these numbers into better context, FBI tracking data is expressed by the number of incidents per 100,000 individuals every year. This is true across all violent crimes including homicide and aggravated assault. In other words, you have a 0.0661% chance of being robbed if you live in a population of 100,000 people. 

The good news is that the FBI’s 2022 report is a nice drop from 2020 when it was 73.9 people out of 100,000. The same can be said for 2017 when the number was 98.6. Since 2023 crime data likely won’t be available until later this year, let’s dive into each state and see where robberies are the most common based on the 2022 report.

50. Wyoming

Wyoming is the safest state to live in if you are worried about being robbed.

If you live in Wyoming, rest assured that you live in the safest state for robbery. Only 7.9 people out of every 100,000 are the victims of a robbery every year. Wyoming also ranks as the 5th lowest state for all violent crimes.

49. Idaho

The state of Idaho offers some of the lowest violent crime rates in the U.S.

Wyoming barely edges out Idaho as the state with the lowest number of robbery attempts. With only 8.2 victims of robbery per 100,000 people, Idaho is very safe across all of the violent crime numbers.

48. West Virginia

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If you live in West Virginia, you have only a 0.01% chance of being robbed.

In the land of West Virginia, the robbery rate is the nation’s third lowest. With only 10 incidents out of 100,000, it’s safe to say West Virginia is not a place to worry.

47. Maine

Portland, Maine, USA coastal townscape.
Make the move to Maine where you can safely live without fear of robbery.

Tied with West Virginia for 10 robbery incidents out of 100,000, Maine feels safe. However, Maine edges out West Virginia with dramatically lower aggravated assault and homicide numbers.

46. Vermont

In Vermont, there is only a 0.0133% chance of being robbed out of 100,000 people.

In 2022, only 13.3 robbery incidents occurred out of every 100,000 people in Vermont. Unfortunately, aggravated assault is far higher with 168.5 incidents out of 100,000 individuals.

45. New Hampshire

New Hampshire also offers some of the nation’s lowest violent crime rates.

When you visit New Hampshire next time, know that it’s on the low end for robbery incidents. Out of 100,000 individuals, only 16.1, or 0.0161% of the population, are affected.

44. Iowa

Iowa on the USA map
If you live in Iowa, you have a low chance of being robbed and or being the victim of a homicide.

Move to Iowa and know that only 21.6 robbery incidents occur out of 100,000 individuals. You can also rest comfortably knowing the homicide rate is one of the nation’s lowest at 1.7.

43. Montana

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Should you move to Montana, you have a 0.0233% chance of being robbed.

While John Dutton might be a fictional Montana governor, he’d be proud of the state’s robbery numbers. Just 0.0233% of the population, or 23.3 out of 100,000 individuals, are impacted. However, Montana has a high number of aggravated assault cases at 335.7, a disproportionate number considering its population.

42. Rhode Island

Rhode Island is one of the best places to live if you fear violent crime.

If you’re a resident of Rhode Island, you should only expect to hear about 24.6 robbery incidents for every 100,000 individuals. As a whole, Rhode Island ranks relatively low across all FBI-reported violent crime data.

41. South Dakota

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Living in South Dakota means you have a 0.0253% chance of being robbed.

For South Dakota residents, robbery is still relatively low. At 25.3 incidents in 2022 per 100,000 individuals, this still ranks in the lowest 10 states across the country.

40. Mississippi

The state of Mississippi does a good job of keeping violent crime low.

Mississippi residents should not be fearful as robberies are not a widespread violent crime in the state. With only 25.6 residents out of 100,000 individuals, your chances are only 0.0256%.

39. North Dakota

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North Dakota offers relatively low robbery and violent crime rates.

The state with many nicknames including the Flickertail State, North Dakota is home to the Great Plains. It’s also home to 27.6 robberies out of 100,000 individuals, a relatively low number overall.

38. Nebraska

Look to Nebraska as an example of keeping a low robbery rate.

The Cornhusker State is home to plenty of corn and great college football. Residents of Nebraska only have to worry about 29.1 robbery incidents out of every 100,000 individuals.

37. Kansas

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Kansas is a great place to live and has a relatively low crime rate.

Sitting just above Nebraska is the Sunflower State of Kansas. Out of a population of 2.9 million, people only experience 29.2 robbery incidents per 100,000 individuals. In other words, you only have a 0.0292% chance of being robbed.

36. Utah

If you live in Utah, you only have a 0.0296% chance of being robbed out of 100,000.

Regularly known as the Beehive State, Utah saw 29.6 robbery incidents in 2022 for every 100,000 individuals in the state. Considering Utah’s 3.3 million population, this number should make the state’s residents feel good.

35. Florida

Even with so many tourists, Florida keeps robbery levels to 0.033% per 100,000.

The Sunshine State is home to Walt Disney World, cruising, and 33.6 robberies per 100,000 individuals in 2022. Considering all the tourists arriving with extra money, this number feels relatively low.

34. Alabama

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In Alabama, there are only 34.5 robberies for every 100,000 residents.

With a population of 5.07 million people, Alabama has only 34.5 robbery incidents out of 100,000 individuals. However, aggravated assault jumps up to 334.1 out of the same 100,000, or a 0.3% chance of being assaulted.

33. Michigan

Michigan has a relatively high aggravated assault rate along with its robbery statistics.

In the Wolverine State of Michigan, your chances of being robbed are only 36.6 out of every 100,000 individuals. This means only 0.0366% of people were victims of robbery in Michigan in 2022.

32. Massachusetts

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Massachusetts offers very low homicide rates, with its robbery rates going down every year.

Residents of Massachusetts are getting close to the middle of the pack statistically. As the 32nd lowest state, Massachusetts residents had 37.7 robbery incidents out of every 100,000 individuals.

31. Kentucky

The state of Kentucky is working hard to reduce violent crime rates.

The Bluegrass State of Kentucky has a population of 4.5 million people and 38.1 robbery incidents out of every 100,000 individuals. Kentucky also has relatively low levels of both homicide and aggravated assault as well.

30. Virginia

Wide view of the historic city of Alexandria and the waterfront property along the Potomac River in northern Virginia
If you live in Virginia, you have a 0.0384% chance of being robbed.

If you live in Virginia, your chances of being a robbery victim are only 0.0384%. This equates to only 38.4 incidents out of every 100,000 residents of Virginia.

29. Wisconsin

Madison, Wisconsin, USA state capitol building at dusk.
Wisconsin has both good and bad numbers as far as violent crime rates.

As a Chicago Bears fan, I enjoy seeing the Green Bay Packers get robbed every year. However, residents of Wisconsin only see 39.4 robbery incidents out of every 100,000 individuals. Wisconsin also has really low homicide reporting at only 5.3 incidents out of the same 100,000 individuals group.

28. Arkansas

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Unfortunately for Arkansas residents, they have high violent crime rates including homicide and aggravated assault.

Arkansas is The Land of Opportunity, which also means it is an opportunity for violent crime. Thankfully, only 39.7 robberies occurred out of every 100,000 individuals.

27. South Carolina

Myrtle Beach South Carolina Drone Skyline Aerial.
Even in Myrtle Beach, you have a chance of being robbed in South Carolina.

Best known as The Palmetto State, South Carolina is unfortunately on the high end across homicide and aggravated assault violent crimes. However, it’s in the middle state-wise when it comes to robbery incidents at 40.6 out of 100,000 individuals.

26. Oklahoma

Skyline of Oklahoma City, OK with OKC sign and ferris wheel
The state of Oklahoma doesn’t want you to be one of the 0.0406% of people who are robbed.

A population of 4.2 million in The Sooner State means that robbery incidents impact 40.6 people out of every 100,000. This means your chance of being robbed is 0.0406%.

25. Indiana

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Indiana sits right in the middle of all states as the most likely to be robbed.

The Hoosier State sits firmly in the middle of U.S. states as far as robbery incidents go. At 43 incidents out of every 100,000 people, Indiana surely hopes to see this number drop in the future.

24. Georgia

If you live in Georgia, you live in the 24th most likely state to be robbed.

Starting things off with the top 25 U.S. states for robbery in Georgia. With 43.6 incidents out of every 100,000 individuals, Georgia ranks 24th in the nation.

23. Connecticut

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Connecticut is doing what it can to help you avoid being the victim of a robbery.

Just above Georgia is the Constitution State of Connecticut. At 44.9 robberies out of every 100,000 residents, you have a 0.0449% of being a victim in the state of Connecticut.

22. New Jersey

In New Jersey, 47.6 robbery crimes are happening for every 100,000 people.

When it comes to New Jersey, there are 47.6 robbery incidents for every 100,000 Garden State residents. However, New Jersey has one of the lowest homicide rates at 3.1, so a bit of a mixed bag.

21. Ohio

The Buckeye State welcomes you with a 0.0531% chance of being robbed.

Residents of Ohio only have a 0.0531% chance of being a robbery victim. This equates to 53.1 incidents for every 100,000 individuals in the Buckeye State.

20. Missouri

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Missouri offers itself as the 20th most likely U.S. state to be robbed.

A population of 6.17 million people in Missouri makes it feel as if 53.1 incidents are on the low end. However, it’s high enough to be the 20th most likely state to get robbed in the U.S.

19. North Carolina

North Carolina is beautiful all year round, but 54.9 people are robbed out of 100,000.

In North Carolina, your likelihood of being robbed is around 0.0549% which is 54.9 incidents out of every 100,000 people according to the 2022 FBI crime tracking report.

18. Delaware

Delaware is a great place to live unless you are one of the 0.057% of people who got robbed in 2022.

Known as The Diamond State, Delaware only has a population of just over 1 million people. Because of this, 57 robbery incidents for every 100,000 residents feels high.

17. Minnesota

minneapolis minnesota
Minnesota offers you 10,000 lakes and is the 17th most likely state to be robbed.

Minnesota’s Land of 10,000 Lakes ties with Delaware for 57 robbery incidents per 100,000 residents. However, Minnesota has lower rates for both aggravated assault and homicide compared to Delaware.

16. Hawaii

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Hawaii’s beaches are gorgeous, just don’t let your wallet out of your sight.

Travel photos may paint an ideal picture of Hawaii, but the reality is that there are 66.1 robberies per 100,000 people. On the bright side, homicides are rare in Hawaii, with only 2.1 incidents per 100,00 people.

15. Tennessee

Nashville Tennessee
Tennessee has its work cut out to reduce its growing violent crime rates.

If you live in Tennessee, you should be on watch as there are 67.1 incidents for every 100,000 residents. The Volunteer State also has one of the highest rates of aggravated assault, with 507.6 incidents per 100,000 people.

14. Louisiana

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Lousiania’s busy tourism season makes it a favorite for would-be criminals.

The Bayou State is full of great food and outstanding culture but also 67.3 robbery incidents for every 100,000 people. Like Tennessee, Louisiana also ranks disproportionately high for aggravated assault with 502.1 incidents.

13. Pennsylvania

If you live in Pennsylvania, you have a 0.681% of being robbed out of 100,000 people.

While it ranks very low with aggravated assault, Pennsylvania had 68.1 robbery incidents in 2022. Considering this is for 100,000 people in a state of 12.9 million people, it’s a statistic to take note of.

12. Oregon

Portland Oregon
Make the move to Oregon, just keep an eye on your wallet and purse.

The next time you visit Oregon, keep an eye on your belongings. With 68.6 robbery incidents for every 100,000 residents, Oregon ranks 12th highest in the U.S. for robberies.

11. Arizona

Welcome to Arizona
Arizona has a lot going for it, but the 11th-highest robbery rate isn’t one of them.

With 70.1 robbery incidents in 2022 out of every 100,000 people, Arizona ranks 11th highest in the nation. The state also ranks firmly in the middle with both homicides and aggravated assault as well.

10. Texas

Texas residents are both passionate and the 10th most likely to be robbed in the U.S.

Residents of The Lone Star State are not to be trifled with, but the state still saw 70.5 robbery incidents in 2022. This is good enough to get Texas into the top 10 states where you are most likely to be robbed.

9. Colorado

Surprisingly, Colorado offers much higher violent crime rates than you would otherwise think.

Colorado presents itself as an idyllic location to visit, so its robbery numbers are surprising. In Colorado, 72.6 out of every 100,000 people experienced incidents, translating to a 0.0726% chance of being robbed.

8. Alaska

Welcome to Alaska
Alaska has plenty of land and plenty of robberies to go along with it.

It’s hard to imagine being robbed in the wilderness in Alaska, but The Last Frontier still has some populous cities. If you live in Alaska, there were 75.1 robbery incidents in 2022 according to FBI crime tracking data.

7. Illinois

Chicago skyline aerial drone view from above, lake Michigan and city of Chicago downtown skyscrapers cityscape bird's view from park, Illinois, USA
Thanks to Chicago’s troubles, robberies in Illinois are on the rise.

The Land of Lincoln has its fair share of issues as Chicago continuously battles violent crimes. Robbery is among these crimes where Illinois saw 84.7 robbery incidents per 100,000 residents in 2022.

6. Nevada

With so many tourists, it’s no surprise that robbery in Nevada is big business.

With all of the money floating around Casinos, robberies in Nevada feel very tempting for criminals. As such, 86.1 out of every 100,000 Nevada residents reported being a robbery victim.

5. Washington

Washington on the USA map
The state of Washington is working overtime to stop violent crime from rising.

The Evergreen State, named after President George Washington, joined the union as the 42nd state. Unfortunately, it’s also among the highest for robberies with 86.8 incidents out of every 100,000 residents.

4. New Mexico

Don’t move to New Mexico as it has to battle violent crime numbers.

Finally breaching the 100+ robbery incident number, New Mexico is the 4th highest state for these types of crimes. At 110.6 robbery victims for every 100,000 people, New Mexico has some work to do to bring these numbers and its homicide rate of 12 incidents down.

3. New York

Stay away from New York if you want to avoid being the victim of a robbery.

While New York ranks low on the homicide front, the robbery-violent crime numbers are something else. There were 112 robbery victims for every 100,000 New York State residents in 2022 according to FBI crime tracking data.

2. Maryland

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Maryland is second only to California as the state you are most likely to get robbed.

For the state of Maryland, they must be taking these numbers very seriously. Maryland has pledged to take action as the state with the second-highest robbery rate of 114.2 incidents per 100,000 residents.

1. California

Famous Golden Gate Bridge view from the hidden and secluded rocky Marshall's Beach at sunset in San Francisco, California

The state of

California currently has the highest robbery statistics of any U.S. state.

California, which reports the highest likelihood of robbery in the U.S., needs to take decisive action to reduce this number. With a reported 123.5 robbery incidents per 100,000 residents, this translates to 0.1235% of being robbed for every 100,00 residents in the state.

0. District of Columbia

Pennsylvania Avenue and United States Capitol Building towards USA Congress on National Mall in Washington, D.C. from above
If you live in Washington D.C., you have the highest chance of being robbed in the U.S.

As the District of Columbia is not a state, we’re not giving it an official ranking. However, if D.C. were a state, it would have the highest number with 357.5 robbery incidents per 100,000 residents. This is almost three times the number of robberies when compared to the state of California.

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