Crazy Laws That Are Real But Shouldn’t Be

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Crazy Laws That Are Real But Shouldn’t Be

When you dig into the details of certain state laws, you find some statutes that read more like the script of a cheesy teen comedy than legislation passed by legitimate politicians. In this piece, we’ll walk through some of the strangest laws we uncovered. When you’re done, we think you’ll agree with us that these ridiculous laws shouldn’t exist at all.

Arizona – No Public Spitting

Keep the spit in your mouth while in Arizona.

I sort of understand this one, on a conceptual level at least. In Arizona, one of the silliest state laws you’ll find is in Goodyear. You cannot spit in public unless you’d rather have six months in prison and a $2500 fine. Talk about taking good manners to an extreme.

California – No Nuclear Weapons

No nuclear weapons thankfully isn’t unconstitutional.

While this is one of the dumbest state laws, I do agree with it in concept. California has always been a bit strict when it comes to possessing weapons. Sadly, you can’t have a thermonuclear device, unless you’d like to incur a $500 fine.

Connecticut – Bouncing Pickles

Who doesn’t love a good bouncing pickle?

This is one of those dumb state laws that has good reasoning behind it. A 1948 statue made it so if you’re selling pickles in Connecticut, they have to bounce when dropped from a foot or so. This came after some hucksters tried to sell dangerous pickles to the unsuspecting public.

Florida – You Can’t Sell Children

Leave it to Florida to implement a common sense law.

The Sunshine State always makes the news due to outlandish antics. However, it does have one of the dumbest state laws you’ll see. Florida has made it illegal to sell children. I didn’t honestly know you needed a law to prevent that in the first place.

Hawaii – Outlawed Billboards

This is one of those laws that makes perfect sense, honestly.

While this is one of the sillier state laws on the books, I certainly understand why. The state of Hawaii has made it illegal to post billboards for the sake of advertisement. This comes from a 1927 initiative meant to keep Hawaii’s natural beauty preserved.

Idaho – Cannibalism Is Forbidden

I’m glad Idaho is looking out for us.

Did you know cannibalism isn’t outlawed in the rest of the country? If you’re worried about being killed and eaten by your neighbor, then Idaho certainly has you covered. Nonconsensual consumption of human flesh makes for one of the dumber state laws, but perhaps a necessary one.

Iowa – Butter Is Butter

Iowa takes butter seriously.

We’ve all heard and seen the commercials for butter substitutes. However, if you’re looking to advertise something like that in the state of Iowa, you’re going to run afoul of one of the more boneheaded state laws to hit the books.

Kentucky – Duels Are Off the Table

Welcome to Kentucky, Unbridled Spirit - roadsign at state border with Tennessee with a pine tree in background.
You’ll have to settle for a civil lawsuit if someone insults your in Kentucky.

I somehow get it into my head that most of Kentucky were big fans of the film Barry Lyndon at some point. However, if you’re looking to settle manners of honor with a touch of bloodsport, Kentucky isn’t the place for you. Kentucky has one of the strangest state laws when it comes to preventing duels.

Maine – Epitaphs Aren’t the Place for Ads

A graveyard seems like a poor place to advertise anything.

I can’t think of a worse place to see an advertisement than a graveyard. Thankfully, if you’re in Maine, one of the strangest state laws has you covered. The city of Wells has made it illegal to advertise goods or services on headstones, which might be for the best.

Minnesota – Keep Your Pigs Degreased

This honestly seems like a story someone made up, I won’t lie.

Are you a big fan of Betty White on The Golden Girls? One of the strangest state laws to come out of Minnesota relates to greased pigs. You cannot operate, run, or participate in any activity where a pig is greased up and released for the sake of capturing it.

Mississippi – Big Gulps Are Any Size

Mississippi is protecting the rights of soda addicts.

The culture wars can be tiresome, but that didn’t stop Mississippi from enacting one of the dumbest state laws in recent memory. The state has a law on the books that allows for soft drinks to be any size you can imagine. Good for folks that fiend after Dr. Pepper, I guess.

Montana – Catch a Fine for Frisbee Golf

Disc golf players can be menaces, so I get it.

I completely understand this one. Disc golf is huge in my area, so it naturally holds that it would be a thing across the country. One of the more understandable, yet dumb state laws on the books is Montana’s ban on disc golf anywhere that isn’t a designated disc golf course.

Nevada – X-Rays Aren’t for Shoes

Who hauls around an x-ray for a shoe fitting?

Nevada might be home to Sin City, but it has strict rules on x-rays. If you’re operating an X-ray to determine someone’s shoe size, you’re breaking the law. I don’t know how or why this came to pass, but it is on the books.

New Jersey – You Can’t Wear Kevlar and Kill Someone

It is also illegal to kill someone without wearing kevlar, but we’re splitting hairs.

This is one of those state laws that seems completely unnecessary. However, if you’re looking to kill someone and you’ve got body armor on, you’re in trouble. Never mind the actual killing people part of the equation, I guess.

Pennsylvania – You Can’t Play Bingo With Priors

Those poor ex-cons that love bingo are just left out I guess.

Bingo is something that I will never pretend to enjoy. That said, if you’ve got prior convictions on your record, you’re forbidden from playing bingo in Pennsylvania. I guess being home to the City of Brotherly Love doesn’t extend to bingo.

Virginia – Skunks Aren’t Pets

How many people got sprayed by a skunk before this law got passed?

Rounding out our list is perhaps one of the oddest state laws I can imagine. Now, I often think of places like Floria when it comes to unusual pets. Virginia has made it illegal to keep skunks as pets, in one of the most unnecessary state laws I’ve seen.

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