Brian Cherock, Author for History-Computer

Self-described art critic and unabashedly pretentious, Brian finds joy in impassioned ramblings about his closeness to video games. He has a bachelor’s degree in Journalism & Media Studies from the University of Southern California and five years of experience in entertainment journalism. Brian is a stalwart defender of the importance found in subjectivity and spends most days overwhelmed with excitement for the past, present, and future of gaming. As a writer, Brian likes covering varied topics including phones, wearables, tablets, smart home devices, laptops, AR, VR, EVs, mobile payments, Fintech, and of course video games. Apart from gaming, other tech areas that interest him most include AI, EVs, crypto&NFTs. When he isn't writing or playing Dark Souls, he can be found eating chicken fettuccine alfredo and watching anime.

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