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The 5 Best Routers For CenturyLink Internet


Routers serve a vital role in home networks, acting as a wireless bridge between the modem and the many devices used in the modern household. For those in areas directly serviced by CenturyLink, they remain a great option for home internet. Plans ranging from 20Mbps up to speedy 1Gbps fiber plans are available for every […]

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starlink vs spectrum

Starlink vs. Centurylink: How Do They Compare?


Starlink vs. Centurylink: 5 Must-Know Facts All you need for Centurylink service is a modem. Centurylink lets customers rent modems for as low as $15 monthly. Starlink is testing its service in science facilities in Antarctica. Computer chip shortages are adding to Starlink’s subscriber waitlist issues. Centurylink offers “Price for Life” coverage, meaning that your […]

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