This Is What Biblically Accurate Angels Might Look Like

Guardian angel on the cloud

This Is What Biblically Accurate Angels Might Look Like

What do Biblically accurate angels look like? Angels are one of those things that no artist seems to truly depict as intended. While the Renaissance and other art movements gave us beautiful depictions of angels in human form, we’re going to see what those Biblical descriptions truly looked like.

Thrones or Orphanim

biblically accurate angels
Thrones have a bizarre appearance when considering angels.

Ezekiel 1:16-18 speaks of angels shaped as wheels and covered in eyes. In this capacity, they serve as the wheels that move the throne of God around. These are arguably the most bizarre-looking of the Biblically accurate angels you can see in these images.

Thrones or Orphanim Continued

biblically accurate angels
Orphanim might not fit the idea we have of an angel, but does make for a striking visual.

Orphanim as these angels are called, serve a single purpose. Unlike the other angels that make up the ranks of Biblically accurate angels, an Orphanim isn’t likely to interact with people. That is something better left to the other orders of angels seen throughout the Bible.


biblically accurate angels
Covered in flames, Seraphim make for one of the most visually imposing angels you’ll see.

Seraphim are better known as the burning ones. They have a fierce appearance, bearing six wings, and are covered in flames. These Biblically accurate angels are described in Isaiah 6:2 and are among the highest-ranking angels in the Kingdom of God.

Another Look at Seraphim

biblically accurate angels
While they might look fearsome, Seraphim aren’t to be feared by a normal person.

It can be difficult to fathom what a Biblically accurate angel like a Seraphim might appear. The human mind is instantly drawn to the concept of angels having an almost human appearance. While that is certainly true in some regards, that isn’t the norm when looking through the passages of the Bible.

Angels in Human Form

biblically accurate angels
The notion of an angel in human form isn’t out of the ordinary.

Of course, we’d be missing out if we didn’t take a look at angels in human form. The Bible does explicitly mention that Daniel encountered angels who took the form of a human appearance. Abraham was also visited by a trio of angels, making the traditional appearance another example of Biblically accurate angels.


biblically accurate angels
It is said that before his fall from grace, Lucifer was a Cherubim.

Cherubim might bring to mind something like Cupid and his bow. However, the truth of the matter when looking at Biblically accurate angels couldn’t be further from this image. Cherubim are described as having four wings and four faces, making for an unsettling appearance.

Angels as the Bible Describes Them

biblically accurate angels
Biblically accurate angels can look unusual, but they aren’t anything to be afraid of.

Without a first-hand sighting, it is merely conjecture when we consider what a Biblically accurate angel might resemble. Artist renditions over the years have ranged from the alien to more typical human-like appearances.

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