100 Sick Xbox Gamertag Ideas (for Boys and Girls)

Microsoft Xbox One

100 Sick Xbox Gamertag Ideas (for Boys and Girls)

Creating an Xbox Gamertag that shows off your unique personality can be daunting. As a rule of thumb, your Gamertag should contain between 3 and 12 characters and can only begin with a letter. These are just two of the constraints you’ll have to follow. These, combined with other limitations, can add to the time and complexity of finding that perfect name that you love. 

That’s why we’ve compiled a list of 101 Gamertags that are available for use today. This article will hopefully help you on your quest to find that awesome Xbox Gamertag. 

Curious? Check them out!

Silly Gamertags for Children

It can be a lot of fun to play games with your kids. It can be so rewarding to hand down the controller to your daughter or son and witness them becoming experts in Minecraft or LEGO Worlds.

However, you may want to keep their games and your games on separate accounts. Keeping your gaming separate requires you to set up another account for all the aspiring gamers in your house. 

Microsoft says a child should be 13 years or older to create an Xbox account. If you have kids under 13, consider setting up a child account. According to Microsoft, a child’s account will allow you to control screen time, content, and purchasing limits. 

You can add additional accounts and add family members under Settings on your Xbox. 

Now that that’s out of the way, check out these cool Gamertags that are great for boys and girls.

  1. Slow Buggy
  2. Smoggy Mutt
  3. Wiry Child
  4. Speedy Cargo
  5. Chickhulk
  6. Wee Blow
  7. Half Muscle
  8. Yawning Bug
  9. Gummy Sample
  10. Broken Eel
  11. Spry Sloth
  12. Calm Self
  13. Tepid Lark
  14. Rosy Mobile
  15. Elastic Fail
  16. Kidmerkin
  17. Puny Jot
  18. Kidfit
  19. Kidazure
  20. Sturdy Shark
  21. Jumbo Breath
  22. Small Mop
  23. Knobby Tabby
  24. Salty Pickle
  25. Busybee03

Cool Xbox Gamertags

How about these super cool Gamertags?

  1. Dark Zoology
  2. Scaly Layout
  3. Proper Panic
  4. Cold Surge
  5. Arctic Tilt
  6. Mild Thrush
  7. Zigzag Tram
  8. Zany Eagle
  9. Webbed Magic
  10. Stormy Aim
  11. Yakuzabuff
  12. Nomadtriad
  13. Big Armor
  14. Next Blast
  15. Agentshot
  16. Feline Icon
  17. Burly Target
  18. Crisp Savior
  19. Live Refuge
  20. Earnest Fear
  21. Toughnwild
  22. Meatymask
  23. Toughglitch
  24. Bad Trigger
  25. Towndeputy
Xbox Games with Gold
Your Xbox Gamertag is practically an extension of who you are, so pick something you love!


Hillarious Xbox Gamertags

Show off your funny side by choosing a hilarious Gamertag.

  1. Musty Drapes
  2. Bogus Spirit
  3. Common Earth
  4. Nutty Basil
  5. Glum Dynamo
  6. Poor Scholar
  7. Big Interior
  8. Slimy Derby
  9. Cheap Game
  10. Aged Tofu
  11. Windy Pliers
  12. Puny Tandem
  13. Scifimad Cow
  14. Measly Guy
  15. Mushy Fail
  16. Cautiousbomb
  17. Light Idiot
  18. Slow Agent
  19. Early Pecker
  20. Slow Snail
  21. Witty Dad22
  22. Loving Arrow
  23. Soupy Virus
  24. Round Bulb
  25. Solid Login

Unique Xbox Gamertags

Try one of these names when you want your Gamertag to be as individual as you are.

  1. Caring Color
  2. Rich Wage
  3. Wild Future
  4. Some Road
  5. Buoyant Beet
  6. Ugly Urgency
  7. Cold Surge
  8. Misty Dining
  9. Sour Beef
  10. Misty Dining
  11. Odd Ore
  12. Real Badger
  13. Minor Pouch
  14. Dapper Music
  15. Evil Crack
  16. Stale Relay
  17. Wry Colonial
  18. Amused Daily
  19. Proud Disco
  20. Start Camp
  21. Half Presume
  22. Numb Soap
  23. Trained Poll
  24. Watery Hotel
  25. Meaty Lily

Creating Your Xbox Gamertag

Finding something that fits your personality can be challenging when creating your Xbox Gamertag. The difficulty lies in trying to keep within the constraints of a name. If you have the perfect name in mind but it’s taken, you can always try adding a number or two to make it work. 

Here’s what you need to know about creating Gamertags. 

  • Your Gamertag must be between 3 and 12 characters. 
  • Your Gamertag can only contain numbers, letters, spaces, and apostrophes. 
  • Your Gamertag must start with a letter. 
  • Your Gamertag can’t have more than one space back to back. 
  • Your Gamertag can’t be considered offensive or reference illegal substances.

Once you have your Gamertag in mind, you can get started by setting up your account.

Gamertag Generator Sites

Try a generator if you still have trouble finding the perfect Xbox Gamertag. These online Gamertag generators are sure to help you find the one that suits you and your play style.

Gamertag Generator

The aptly named Gamertag Generator site is slightly addictive. Simply select the Generate button and see randomly created usable names. We checked every name we generated against the availability, so we can confidently say that any name the site makes will be available for immediate use. Just a word of caution, though — not every name you’ll see is safe for children or work. 


Gamertag.World is one of the easiest ways to enter a name and check its availability. The site will even tell you if it’s available with some quick changes, such as adding numbers or spaces. 

Wrapping Up

Your Xbox Gamertag can be as wild, cooky, serious, macho, or hilarious as you are. While adhering to the Microsoft Xbox Gamertag rules, we’re sure you can find a name that represents you to the world.

Remember that you can’t use any words that are considered offensive or hateful. You also can’t use names that reference illegal substances.

Try thinking of things you like to do and places you like to go. Try to think of a specific word you must include. If all else fails and you can’t get the name you want, remember that you can always try adding numbers to make it more unique. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Gamertag?

Microsoft Xbox Gamertags are the way you identify yourself while gaming. They are essentially your alias. Other gamers will only know you by your Gamertag, so make sure you choose one you love.

Are Gamertags unique?

Yes, your Xbox Gamertag will not be the same as any other.

Do Gamertags ever expire?

It’s possible that after not signing in for five or more years, your Gamertag may be available for others to use.

Can I sell my Xbox Gamertag?

No, Microsoft does not allow you to sell your Xbox Gamertag.

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