Wordle Records: What Is the Longest Wordle Streak? What Is a Good One?

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Wordle Records: What Is the Longest Wordle Streak? What Is a Good One?

We love big-budget AAA video games as much as the next. That said, there’s nothing like a nice and simple browser game that sinks its hooks into you and never lets go. Wordle is a primary example of this. Launched in 2021 and rising to worldwide popularity before selling to the New York Times Company in 2022, Wordle is about as addicting as it gets. Some people are a lot better at the game than others, meaning some have racked up some incredible streaks on their own personal Wordle scoreboards. We’ve compiled some of the Internet’s longest, plus some tips for your Wordle streak.

How Wordle Works

Wordle game with three guesses.
After each guess, Wordle will highlight letters gray, yellow, or green depending on accuracy.


Wordle’s addictiveness lies in its simplicity. The goal is to guess a five-letter mystery word in six guesses or less. The mystery word changes every 24 hours, giving you a new goal to come back and accomplish daily. Enter your guess, then submit. Now, pay attention to the colors that appear in the boxes behind the letters in your guess. Gray letters are not found in the mystery word. Yellow letters are a part of the word but aren’t in the right place. Green letters are part of the mystery word and are also in the right place.

For example, if the mystery word was “ROBOT” but you guessed “DONUT,” the R, the B, and the second O would be gray while the T and the first O would be green. If you’re playing in the default mode, you can enter your guesses using any combination of letters you please. If you’re playing in hard mode, you must include any letter marked green or yellow in your subsequent guesses. After six guesses, your turn is up and the word is revealed. With any luck, you’ll have it figured out long before that final chance to guess.

If you’ve ever heard of the game Jotto, the television game show Lingo, or the board game Mastermind, then you already understand most of the basic principles behind Wordle. With over 13,000 five-letter words in the English language, there’s a slim-to-none chance that anyone could possibly know every possible answer off the top of their head. That’s why it takes a good combination of knowledge and guessing skills to truly succeed at the game. With this, you can get a great Wordle streak going.

What Is a Wordle Streak?

If you’re a Snapchat user or a fan of any other type of mobile game that refreshes on the daily, then you’re probably familiar with the concept of a streak. One day of play does not count as a streak. Two days in a row of playing Wordle, however? You’ve got a two-day streak going. The more days in a row you play, the longer your streak will be. The game tracks the number of Wordles you’ve played, the percentage of Wordles you’ve gotten right, and the number of days in a row you’ve played. If you screw up any one of these stats, the result can be positively devastating.

This is especially true of daily streaks, though. Some Wordle die-hards take their streaks very seriously. We’re talking tens — if not hundreds — of days played in a row. Hard words or bad guesses threaten to obliterate even the highest of scores every single day. Each new puzzle presents an opportunity to see your streak ruined. That’s not conjecture, either. It’s estimated that every day sees about 15% of Wordle streaks broken. Especially hard words can throw off as many as 60% or more. What can be done to keep a Wordle streak going longer than ever?

How to Keep a Wordle Streak Going

Statistics page on Wordle game with 1-game winning streak.
Wordle statistics disappointing you? There are ways to improve your game.


Wordle experts with long streaks will be the first ones to tell you that it takes more than one strategy to keep the magic alive. Users with top Wordle streaks employ a variety of different tactics and playing styles to keep their winning streaks climbing into the hundreds. Here are a handful of the smartest strategies to keep a Wordle streak going.

Focus On Common Letters

Longtime Wordle aficionados will also suggest you focus on the most commonly used letters. This includes vowels A, E, I, O, and U and consonants C, L, N, R, S, T. If you can think of guesses that include a bulk of these letters — or, better yet, all five — then you’ll be in good shape. Don’t be afraid to ignore the yellow and green boxes if it means throwing out a common-letter-loaded guess or two that unlocks some additional green spaces.

Assume It’s Not a Repeat

Another tip to prolong your Wordle streak is to assume the game isn’t going to give you a repeat word. As mentioned above, there are over 10,000 five-letter words in the English dictionary. Even if Wordle has whittled that list down to a few thousand common ones, the game is nowhere near running out of options to throw at you. Don’t waste time (or a guess!) on a word that you remember being the answer before.

Don’t Forget Repeat Letters

Repeat letters can spell the end of even the longest Wordle streaks. As we touched on briefly above, a repeat letter will only be marked green or yellow once. If there are two instances, you’ll have to just use your best judgment (and use a valuable guess) to try and determine if the letter appears twice. Common repeat letters include E, L, O, R, S, and T, among others. These letters can be repeated consecutively (as in “FLOSS”) or not (as in “CLICK”).

Hard Mode Is Your Friend

Don’t be put off by a daunting name like Hard Mode. On certain days, Wordle’s hard mode can be your best buddy. This mode locks green letters in place and forces you to use any yellow letters that appear. This means you must use all green and yellow letters in each guess. This can actually be a great help in pinning down the day’s word. When you’re stumped, this mode hardly feels hard at all. If anything, it’s like the game is giving you free hints.

Switch Up Starting Word

Wordle game starting with word "ADIEU".
Start with a great first word to get your Wordle game off on the right foot.


Every loyal Wordle player has their favorite go-to starting word. Whether it be “ADIEU,” “ARISE,” “AUDIO,” or some other five-letter combo of lots of verbs and a couple of popular consonants, these first-guess staples can be quite helpful to your Wordle streak. However, don’t get yourself in a rut. Try using a different starting word every so often and see where that gets you. A new combination of letters could be just the trick to jog your memory and help you figure out the word faster.

The Longest Wordle Streaks According to Users

Curious to see how your Wordle streak compares to other users? Unfortunately, there’s no way to know for certain what the worldwide Wordle rankings look like. All we can go off of is the self-reported Wordle streaks that litter the web. From Reddit to X (formerly known as Twitter), these are some of the longest Wordle streaks according to users. Let the record show that a win streak and a play streak are distinctly different. You could play every day and never win and still have a streak going. We’re going to focus on wins here. Have a longer streak? Let us know!

Reddit user hoosierbluecrab: 657 wins

Reddit user Thu5h: 588 wins

byu/Slim1604 from discussion

Reddit user DobbytheOtter: 583 wins

byu/Slim1604 from discussion

X user Shanaliag: 565 wins

Reddit user Mathgeek007: 550 wins

byu/Slim1604 from discussion

Reddit user PowderHoundNinja: 538 wins

byu/blanedaugherty from discussion

X user KarasMemories: 500 wins

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Wordle streak?

In Wordle, a streak refers to the number of consecutive days a player successfully guesses the mystery five-letter word. A Wordle streak can also refer to the number of days a player has completed the game, regardless of whether they won or lost for the day. 

Does Wordle get harder with longer streaks?

No, Wordle doesn’t get harder with each day. The difficulty level remains the same regardless of the length of a player’s streak. Each new day presents a new word challenge without having to deal with a growing difficulty curve. Of course, some days will always be harder than others.

Are there rewards for longer Wordle streaks?

While there are no specific in-game rewards tied to a longer streak, the achievement is a reward in and of itself.  Maintaining a high score should be considered a personal accomplishment — even if you don’t actually get any tangible reward for it.

Can you restore a Wordle streak after missing a day?

No. If you miss a Wordle puzzle for the day, your streak will effectively be over. There are some who suggest changing the date on your mobile device to try and trick the site, but this rarely works. Your Wordle streak will simply be reset to zero after a missed day.

Is there a limit to how long a Wordle streak can be?

No, there’s no limit to the length of a Wordle streak. To be clear, the game was only created in 2021, so you can’t extend the streak longer than the time it’s existed. However going forward from there, there is no specified limit to the length of a Wordle streak. The streak can theoretically continue as long as the player maintains it.

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