Why I Avoid Every Laptop Model But This One

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Why I Avoid Every Laptop Model But This One

Why do I avoid every laptop model but my current choice? Picking the right laptop for daily driving is a tough task. I’ve been in the tech industry for well over a decade at this point, so I’d like to think I have some expertise on the matter. Today’s guide goes over my top reasons as to why I avoid every laptop model except for the MacBook Air.


Macs are versatile for several use cases.

One of the reasons I avoid every laptop model aside from the MacBook Air comes down to versatility. Yes, other laptops can do more, but not in the same form factor. Other laptops might be better suited for graphically intensive applications, but since I moonlight in audio post-production that isn’t a concern. It handles audio with an ease that I haven’t seen with most laptops, which is a big plus for me.

Unified Platforms

Having a unified platform makes migrating between devices far easier.

I use a MacBook, iPad, and iPhone regularly. As such, when I need to push a file from my laptop to my phone or vice versa it’s a cinch. It isn’t one of the top reasons to avoid every laptop model, but snagging photos off your phone without even having to plug it in is fantastic.

Ease of Use

Anyone can use a Mac.

One of the things that makes me pick the MacBook Air over any other laptop model is its ease of use. If my kids need to do something with my work laptop for school, they intuitively know how to get there. Doing the same thing in Windows has taken some careful guidance and instruction for my kids and wife on my part.

Battery Life

You’ll still have to charge your laptop, but not nearly as often.

There are times when I’m away from the house for hours but still need to get some work done. In these scenarios, I can switch off using Firefox as my main browser back to Safari and get things done for most of the day without much of a penalty to my battery life. It makes me want to avoid every laptop model aside from the MacBook Air when looking at longevity.


For my needs, the MacBook Air has more than enough power.

Performance is relative when considering different metrics. For my needs and wants, the MacBook Air far exceeds any expectations. I have the most basic model you can purchase with 8GB of RAM and minimal storage and it still exceeds my expectations. Word processing programs open instantly. I can run hundreds of tracks in my audio apps without a hitch.


Macbook to PC
A MacBook is considerably lighter than an equivalent Windows laptop in most cases.

When I consider any laptop, weight is one of my top criteria. The MacBook Air lives up to its name. It is only slightly heavier than my iPad Air while having a larger screen and keyboard. As such, it is one of the top reasons I avoid every other laptop model.


iPad Pro with Magic Keyboard
With the latest iPad models, you can use them as a secondary monitor for yourlaptop.

Sure, you could purchase a secondary portable monitor. However, I don’t find that entirely reasonable. For starters, I have a strong case for my iPad. Second, Sidecar gives me a steady and supported secondary display that also functions as its own device.


Applecare takes the sting out of device replacement.

One of the top reasons to go with Apple is its warranty service. Applecare and Applecare+ are some of the best options on the market when it comes to extended warranties. I baby my electronics, but if I decided not to for some reason I’d have a minimal investment to get back my laptop.

Color Options

You can certainly choose gray if you want, but you’ve got other options too.

I am honestly not a huge fan of the all-black and grey options that are all over the market for Windows laptops. I like a bit of color. Everything else in my home office is so drab and perfunctory that a splash of color helps things along.

One Charger Fits All

Having to keep track of one charger makes things super easy.

One of the top reasons why I avoid every laptop model aside from the MacBook Air is uniformity. I can stick with the Magsafe charger if I want. However, one of the top things to keep in mind is that I have access to USB-C charging for my laptop, tablet, and phone. That severely cuts down on the necessary cables I need to keep on hand.

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