Who Owns Kidz Bop, and How Much Is It Worth?

Kidz Bop 2023 Vol. 2 on vinyl.

Who Owns Kidz Bop, and How Much Is It Worth?

Key Points

  • Kidz Bop is a children’s music group that re-records popular songs with child singers and family-friendly lyrics, allowing kids to enjoy chart-topping hits without inappropriate content.
  • Kidz Bop is owned by Concord, a company involved in various aspects of the entertainment industry, including record labels, music publishing rights, live music events, and soundtracks.
  • Concord is worth over $4 billion and owns the rights to more than a million songs, compositions, musicals, and other recordings.
  • Kidz Bop makes money through music sales, with over 23 million albums sold and 8 billion streams, as well as live tours that attract ticket sales and merchandise purchases.
  • Critics argue that Kidz Bop’s simplified lyrics, extensive merchandise, lack of musical diversity, and potential age-inappropriate themes are valid concerns.

Kidz Bop is a beloved children’s music group known for its kid-friendly renditions of chart-topping hits. But it’s about more than just catchy tunes and talented young voices. It’s also a financial powerhouse in children’s entertainment. To truly understand the magnitude of Kidz Bop’s influence and reach, it’s essential to delve into two crucial aspects. Who owns Kidz Bop, and how much does the children’s music group bring in? Let’s break down Kidz Bop’s ownership and the owner’s financials below.

What Is Kidz Bop?

Family listening to music.
Kidz Bop makes music for the whole family to enjoy.

Kidz Bop is a children’s music group that produces singles and albums specifically for kids. The group takes popular songs dominating the radio (and, as of late, the streaming charts) and re-records them with child singers and family-friendly lyrics. It relies on a process called bowdlerization. This unique form of censorship is also known as fig-leaf editions or expurgations. It cuts anything that may be considered inappropriate or offensive from an artistic work and replaces it with something more age-appropriate.

The goal is to allow children and families to enjoy the latest Top 40 hits without hearing any lyrics with words or themes that are too mature or inappropriate for younger ears. Kidz Bop versions replace any explicit or adult content with more kid-friendly words and themes. Of course, the lyric changes don’t always make the most sense. One such example of many? Ed Sheeran’s “Thinking Out Loud” lyrics “Will your mouth still remember the taste of my love?” become “Will your mouth still remember the look of my love?” 

The Kidz Bop Kids, a rotating, ever-changing group of young singers around the same age as the group’s target audience, perform all the group’s songs. Some famous alums include Ross Lynch, Olivia Holt, Zendaya, and Becky G, among others. Since the group’s founding in 2001, Kidz Bop has released over 40 albums. One usually arrives in the first half of the year. Another typical comes in the second half of the year. Track listings include contemporary pop songs that have charted high on the Billboard Hot 100 in the months ahead of the album’s release.

Who Owns the Group?

Man making music on laptop surrounded by instruments.
Kidz Bop is one of many musical assets owned by Concord, a massive entertainment group.

Kidz Bop is owned by Concord. While Kidz Bop is one of its most notable endeavors, Concord is involved in many more aspects of the entertainment industry beyond the world of children’s music. From the ownership and operation of several record labels to the management of music publishing rights to the organization of live music events, Concord has its hands on many different aspects of the music business. Other popular names under Concord include Craft Recordings, Fantasy Records, Fearless Records, Loma Vista Recordings, and more.

Beyond this, Concord is also involved in live music events like concerts and tours, the management of live music venues, and the composition of movie and TV soundtracks. Beyond music, they play a part in the film and TV industry, working on soundtracks and contributing to the musical aspects of movies and shows. They also have a hand in the world of theater, involved in various Broadway productions and big-budget musicals. All in all, Concord holds the rights to more than a million songs, compositions, musicals, and other recordings.

Concord is headquartered in Nashville, Tennessee. The company has other offices in Los Angeles, New York, London, Miami, Sydney, Tokyo, Toronto, and beyond. Kidz Bop brings in a good amount of money for the company. Still, it also profits from more than 800,000 music and artist copyrights, the musical libraries of Rodgers & Hammerstein, George & Ira Gershwin, Lin-Manuel Miranda, hundreds of Broadway productions including Wizard of Oz, A Chorus Line, the works of Neil Simon, the plays of Tennessee Williams, and beyond.

How Much Is Concord Worth?

Streaming music on the Spotify app.
Kidz Bop and other Concord assets earn money from Spotify streams.

Thanks to a potential sale that arose in 2021, we know that Concord has an estimated worth of over $4 billion. The entertainment company continues to acquire new music catalogs every year. As such, this $4 billion valuation has likely only gone up in the past two years. For instance, in September 2022, Concord bought the complete catalogs of Genesis band members Tony Banks, Phil Collins, and Mike Rutherford. Other recent acquisitions include the catalogs of REO Speedwagon, Cheap Trick, and Kiss.

Kidz Bop is but one small part of this $4 billion price tag. Other contributing moneymakers include Daft Punk, Mark Ronson, Benny Blanco, Imagine Dragons, Iron Maiden, Trent Reznor, Pink Floyd, Ryan Tedder, James Blake, Ty Dolla $ign, Hans Zimmer, and beyond. Add up these hundreds of names in all, and it’s not hard to imagine the total value of Concord exceeding $4 billion today. The more the company continues to acquire, the more it’ll be worth in the future. Like the most reliable stocks, these lucrative catalogs will only increase in value.

How Does Kidz Bop Make Money?

Audience with hands up at a live concert.
Concerts are a major revenue stream for Kidz Bop.

Kidz Bop makes money through two primary sources: its music and its live tours. More specifically, this includes producing and selling child-friendly music albums, downloads, and streaming. Additionally, they profit from ticket sales and merchandise sales during live tours. Kidz Bop’s ability to adapt popular songs for a family-friendly audience and provide engaging live performances has made it one of the most successful and profitable brands in the children’s music industry. Allow us to elaborate on each one of these two revenue streams.


First and foremost, Kidz Bop profits from its music. In the history of the Billboard charts, Kidz Bop has set some serious records for the total number of albums to hit the top 10. To date, the Kidz Bop Kids have even managed to rank higher than other iconic artists like Madonna and Bruce Springsteen. Specifically, 22 of their more than 40 albums have reached the Billboard 200 Chart’s top 10. In total, the Kidz Bop brand has sold over 23 million albums and generated over 8 billion streams. From album sales to digital downloads to total streams, the bowdlerized music is practically a money machine. 


Beyond music sales, Kidz Bop also makes money from live tours. The group frequently organizes and performs in concerts and tours across different cities and venues worldwide. The Kidz Bop Kids just wrapped up a 2023 tour: “Never Stop Live.” Families purchase tickets, merchandise, concessions, and other ticket packages, all of which contribute significantly to the group’s big bottom line. Other recent tours took place once a year between 2014 and 2019, with annual tours resuming again in 2022.

Criticisms of Kidz Bop

Mom with daughter watching laptop.
Kidz Bop has been criticized for promoting consumerism to children.

While the group remains incredibly lucrative well into the 2020s, critics have nevertheless raised several legitimate concerns about Kidz Bop. For one, many argue that the group’s efforts to make songs kid-friendly can result in overly simplified lyrics. These basic words may not always capture the depth or meaning of the original songs. This leads to a significant lack of artistic expression.

Critics have also taken issue with the ensemble’s extensive merchandise, including branded clothing and accessories. This move has drawn criticism for promoting consumerism and materialism to young audiences. 

Then, of course, there’s the music itself. Kidz Bop songs tend to have a similar sound and style. Some critics feel this can limit musical diversity and creativity in children’s music. What’s more, the group primarily covers existing popular songs — obviously spurring accusations of lacking originality and creativity in their music.

And, while the group aims to make songs more suitable for kids, some critics argue that they may still contain themes or references that are not entirely age appropriate. None of these claims have had any major impact on sales, but still deserve to be mentioned.

Summary Table

What is Kidz Bop?A children’s music group that produces singles and albums specifically for kids, with family-friendly lyrics.
Who owns Kidz Bop?Concord, a company involved in many aspects of the entertainment industry.
How much is Concord worth?Estimated worth of over $4 billion.
How does Kidz Bop make money?Through music sales (albums, downloads, streaming) and live tours (ticket sales, merchandise).
Criticisms of Kidz BopOverly simplified lyrics, promoting consumerism, lack of musical diversity, and potential age-inappropriate themes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who owns Kidz Bop?

Kidz Bop is a music brand that makes popular songs safe for kids by re-recording them with child singers. It’s led by a rotating group of talented young singers dubbed “The Kidz Bop Kids.” The group selects songs from the charts that are popular but ensures they have appropriate lyrics for children before recording and releasing a semi-annual compilation album of hits.

Does Kidz Bop still tour?

Since 2014, the Kidz Bop Kids have gone on an annual tour. Tours stopped in 2020 due to the pandemic, but have since resumed in 2022. The group’s last tour was in 2023. Kidz Bop Kids perform their covers of hit songs at their live concerts (as well as the occasional original track from their albums). 

Does Kidz Bop make money?

While it’s primarily for entertainment, Kidz Bop’s clean lyrics and catchy tunes can introduce kids to a wide range of music styles — and make a lot of money as a result. Kidz Bop generates income through music sales, streaming, live tours, and merchandise like clothing and accessories.

Are there any criticisms of Kidz Bop?

Kidz Bop was launched in 2001 and has continued to release albums and tours since then. Over the past couple of decades, some critics have argued that Kidz Bop is bad due to its habit of simplifying lyrics and its lack of originality. Others have concerns about the consumerism encouraged by the group.

Where can I buy Kidz Bop music and merchandise?

Kidz Bop music is available on streaming platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, and other music streaming services. You can also find physical versions of all 40+ Kidz Bop albums wherever CDs are sold. Additionally, the Kidz Bop website provides information about where to see the group on tour and where to purchase merchandise.

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