Who Owns Kia and How Much is It Worth?

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Who Owns Kia and How Much is It Worth?

In 1944, the Kyungsung Precision Industry began producing steel tubing and bicycle parts. In 1974, Kia released the Brisa, the first car it had manufactured. Kia is the oldest car manufacturing company in South Korea.

In 1998, Kia joined forces with Hyundai to form the Hyundai-Kia Automotive group. Today, the Hyundai-Kia Automotive Group is the fifth-largest automobile manufacturing company. So, who owns Kia?

Kia EV9 vs. Hyundai Ioniq 7
The Kia EV9 is currently available for pre-orders in South Korea.

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What Does Kia Sell?

Kia manufactures passenger vehicles in many categories: hybrid, gas, plug-in hybrid, electric, RVs, commercial vehicles, taxis, and buses. The company is working to transition away from internal combustion engines (ICE) and over to electric vehicle manufacturing.

In 2022, Kia sold 14 different types of automobiles in the U.S. (EV6, Rio, Forte, K5/Optima, Cadenza, Stinger, K900, Soul, Nero, Seltos, Sportage, Sorento, Telluride, and Carnival/Sedona).

In 2022, Kia sold 693,549 automobiles, compared to 693,549 sales in 2021, a decrease of approximately 1.2%. Kia’s are sold in Europe, Asian countries, North America, and domestically.

Who Owns Kia?

Have you tried to figure out who owns Kia? You’re not alone. A common misconception is that Toyota owns Kia. Kia is a publicly traded company, and its shares are available for purchase through over-the-counter markets (OTC or OTCMKTS.)

The largest single shareholder of Kia is the Hyundai Motor Company, with 34.16% ownership. The next largest shareholder is the National Pension Service of Korea with 7.17%, followed by the KIA Corporation at 2.55%, Vanguard Group at 2.15%, and the Kia Motors Employee Stock Ownership Association, with shares valued at 1.83%.

The Hyundai Motor Group is the most common discussion point concerning the ownership of Kia. In 1997, Kia filed for bankruptcy. In 1998, Hyundai Motor Group outbid Ford Motor Company and obtained a 51% share of the company.

Kia EV6
The Kia EV9 is building off of the popularity of the EV6.

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How Much is Kia Worth?

Kia’s current market cap is worth $23.61 billion. Kia’s present value is far from its 2020 valuation of $8.53 billion and even further from its $1.52 billion 2009 evaluation.

Kia is currently the world’s 20th-largest auto manufacturing company based on market capitalization. Tesla now has the top slot with a market cap of $876.14 billion, followed by Toyota with a present market cap of $254.37 billion.

Kia wants to expand its market share. Let’s take a look at Kia’s plan to move forward.

New Developments

Kia is rolling out the much-hyped EV9 in 2024. With the latest three-row all-electric Sport Utility Vehicle, Kia aims directly at the 2024 Toyota Grand Highlander market leader. The early head-to-head evaluations are rolling in, and the experts are leaning toward the Kia EV9.

By 2025, all new Kia’s will be Software Defined Vehicles (SDVs). SDV will allow Kia owners to receive Over-The-Air (OTA) software updates. Kia owners will be able to upgrade the performance and functionality of their cars without taking them into the auto dealers. OTA upgrades will cover bug fixes, recalls, and more.

Kia has rolled out Features on Demand (FoD) in 2023, which is customizable software. You may be heading on a cross-country trip and you’d like to enable driver assistance or add a Wi-Fi hotspot. Maybe you want remote vehicle monitoring, real-time traffic updates, or advanced lighting options. FoD is a great way to personalize your Kia to meet your needs. Your needs may change from trip to trip or month to month. A FoD enables the user to modify features based on their present needs.

Kia is leaning into the revenue opportunities presented by FoD. Options enabled with FoD are a new monthly subscription revenue stream for Kia.

Who Owns Kia and How Much is It Worth? FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) 

Do Kia and Hyundai have the same owner?

Kia and Hyundai do not have the same owner. Hyundai owns approximately 34% of Kia. Kia and Hyundai share many components between car models, and this commonality allows for the rapid development of next-generation models.

Are Kia cars reliable?

Kia cars are reliable. J.D. Powers ranked Kia automobiles as the third most reliable in 2021, 2022, and 2023. New Kias have a 10-year (100,000 mile) powertrain warranty and a 5-year (60,000 mile) bumper-to-bumper warranty.

Did Toyota buy Kia?

No, Toyota did not purchase Kia. Kia is partially (34%) owned by Hyundai but is not owned by Toyota.

What is Kia's brand strategy?

Kia is expanding toward sustainable mobility through “Plan S.” Plan S includes electric vehicles (EVs), purpose-based vehicles (PBVs), and eco-friendly vehicles. Kia will release 11 battery electric vehicles (BEVs) by the end of 2025. Each car can perform long-range driving on a single charge and contains quick battery charge capability.

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