When Will The Next iPhone Be Released? Full History and Expectations

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When Will The Next iPhone Be Released? Full History and Expectations

The wait for the next iPhone kicks off the moment the latest iPhone is released. It’s been this way ever since the iPhone was first released back in June of 2007, and it continues today with the hype surrounding the upcoming iPhone 15. With the rumor mill in a constant, ever-moving state of churning, speculation about what’s to come next from Apple‘s iconic line of smartphones also seems to begin the very same afternoon the tech giant announces a new product. When will the next iPhone be released? And what can we expect from this next release? Here’s what we know based on the full history of the iPhone.

iPhone Specs

DeveloperApple Inc.
Product TypeSmartphone
Units SoldMore than 2.24 billion
Operating SystemiOS
Storage Options64, 128, 256, 512 GB or 1 TB
PowerRechargeable lithium-ion battery
First ReleaseiPhone (Jun. 29th, 2007)
Latest ReleaseiPhone 14 Plus (Oct. 8th, 2022)

iPhone Release Strategy

To pinpoint exactly when the next iPhone will come out, we simply need to look at iPhone’s release strategy. Since 2007, Apple has released new versions of its popular iPhone annually. As a matter of fact, not a year has gone by without a new release — for sixteen years in a row.

This dependability is a large part of what drives the hype surrounding the new iPhone year after year. The company’s clear-cut strategy for its flagship smartphone means each new iPhone release simultaneously kicks off the anticipation for the next.

In the early years, Apple chose to release the next iPhone every June. From the first iPhone in June 2007 to the iPhone 4 in June 2010, this was when Apple fans could expect to see the latest mobile offering from the tech giant.

That all changed, however, with the release of the iPhone 4S in the fall of 2011. Since then, nearly every single new iPhone has been released in September. (A few of the only exceptions are the iPhone SE, which tends to release in spring, and the iPhone X and XR, which came out in November and October.)

With this in mind, it’s practically guaranteed the next iPhone will be released in September. Apple knows exactly what they’re doing with this early fall release strategy: By announcing its latest and greatest products in the month of September, Apple can effectively capitalize on the holiday shopping season.

Additionally, iPhone has been known to release four different versions of each new smartphone to appeal to a wider range of customers with different budget limitations. For proof, just take a look at the full history of iPhone releases below.

Hands holding a red iPhone XR with the homescreen displayed.
More often than not, the next iPhone is released annually in September.


iPhone Releases: Full History

iPhoneJun. 29th, 2007Jun. 9th, 2008$499-$599
iPhone 3GJul. 11th, 2008Aug. 9th, 2010$199-$299
iPhone 3GSJun. 19th, 2009Sept. 12th, 2012$599-$699
iPhone 4Jun. 24th, 2010Sept. 10th, 2013$599-$699
iPhone 4SOct. 14th, 2011Sept. 9th, 2014$649-$849
iPhone 5Sept. 21st, 2012Sept. 10th, 2013$649-$849
iPhone 5CSept. 20th, 2013Sept. 9th, 2015$549-$649
iPhone 5SSept. 20th, 2013Mar. 21st, 2016$649-$849
iPhone 6
& 6 Plus
Sept. 19th, 2014Sept. 7th, 2016$649-$849
iPhone 6S
& 6S Plus
Sept. 25th, 2015Sept. 12th, 2018$649-$849
iPhone SEMar. 31st, 2016Sept. 12th, 2018$399-$499
iPhone 7
& 7 Plus
Sept. 16th, 2016Sept. 10th, 2019$649-$849
iPhone 8
& 8 Plus
Sept. 22nd, 2017April 15th, 2020$699-$849
iPhone XNov. 3rd, 2017Sept. 12th, 2018$999-$1149
iPhone XROct. 26th, 2018Sept. 14th, 2021$749-$899
iPhone XS
& XS Max
Sept. 21st, 2018Sept. 10th, 2019$999-$1349
iPhone 11Sept. 20th, 2019Sept. 7th, 2022$699-$849
iPhone 11 Pro
& 11 Pro Max
Sept. 20th, 2019Oct. 13th, 2020$999-$1349
iPhone SE (2nd)Apr. 24th, 2020Mar. 8th, 2022$399-$549
iPhone 12
& 12 Mini
Oct. 23rd, 2020
Nov. 13th, 2020
Sept. 7th, 2022$829-$979
iPhone 12 Pro
& 12 Pro Max
Oct. 23rd, 2020
Nov. 13th, 2020
Sept. 14th, 2021$999-$1299
iPhone 13
& 13 Mini
Sept. 24th, 2021TBD$829-$1129
iPhone 13 Pro
& 13 Pro Max
Sept. 24th, 2021Sept. 7th, 2022$999-$1499
iPhone SE (3rd)Mar. 18th, 2022TBD$429-$579
iPhone 14
& 14 Plus
Sept. 16th, 2022
Oct. 8th, 2022
iPhone 14 Pro
& 14 Pro Max
Sept. 16th, 2022TBD$999-$1499

When Will The Next iPhone Be Released?

Based on the established release strategy of the iPhone, it’s safe to say we can expect the iPhone 15 — or whatever Apple ends up calling the next iPhone — in September of this year. Keeping in line with previous releases, we can assume that Apple will first announce the phone, then make them officially available to take home around ten days later.

Pre-orders usually open up immediately following the tech giant’s keynote presentation, and each presentation usually includes information about other exciting new Apple products, as well. In years past — take 2022’s Far Out event, for instance — Apple has released the next iPhone alongside the next generation of Apple Watches and a new generation of Apple AirPods.

In 2022, it was the iPhone 14, the iPhone 14 Plus, the iPhone 14 Pro, and the iPhone 14 Pro Max alongside the Apple Watch Series 8, the second-generation Apple Watch SE, the Apple Watch Ultra, and the second-generation Apple AirPods Pro. We shouldn’t be surprised to see a similar lineup of new products announced alongside the next iPhone this September.

Knowing that the next iPhone will likely arrive in September, let’s see if we can take things a step further and pinpoint exactly when in September we can expect to see Apple’s keynote. The 14 was announced on Wednesday, September 7th, 2022, and officially released on the 16th. The 13 was announced on Tuesday, September 14th, 2021, and officially released on the 24th.

Accordingly, we can feasibly expect the next iPhone announcement in the first week of September with an official release the following Friday.

What To Expect From The Next iPhone

It’s not just the release date that gets people excited. It’s also the number of new features and additions to each new release that drives the hype. Year after year, Apple makes key upgrades to the internal and external specs of the iPhone. With this in mind, what can we expect to see in September?

For one, we’re confident the iPhone 15 will finally bring USB-C charging to the Apple smartphone. However, tech insiders are torn on whether or not this USB-C charging capability will be exclusively MFi (Made For iPhone).

Experts seem to be evenly split on the issue, and it’s not likely we’ll see any sort of clarification on it until that September date gets closer. Regardless, USB-C charging is almost certainly coming with the next iPhone release.

From a design standpoint, the iPhone 15 is rumored to bring back the curved-edge design that hasn’t been seen on an iPhone since 2019 with the iPhone 11 Pro Max. Contrary to the look of the 11 Pro Max, however, the 15’s display is expected to remain flat.

It’s also rumored that the iPhone 15’s camera may be larger than previous iPhones. This accompanies rumors of a possible zoom lens on the iPhone 15 — or, at the very least, certain 15 models. (Apple has been known to limit advanced camera features to Pro and Pro Max variants.)

Ultimately, until the next iPhone is released, the iPhone 14, the 14 Plus, the 14 Pro, and the 14 Pro Max remain the latest and greatest smartphones from Apple Inc. For the time being, they deserve the spotlight all to themselves.

Old Faithful
Apple iPhone 14, 128GB, Midnight
  • Apple A15 Bionic
  • 26 hours of battery life including video playback
  • Super Retina XDR display
  • Ceramic Shield front cover
  • 12MP camera
  • Crash Detection

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When Will The Next iPhone Be Released? Full History and Expectations FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) 

When does Apple release new iPhones?

More often than not, Apple tends to release their new iPhone models in September of each year. There are some exceptions, of course. Early iPhones were released in June all the way until the iPhone 4S, which moved the average release date to fall. In the years since, almost every iPhone has been released in September. This has been the standard for the company for a number of years. What’s more, the announcement of a new iPhone is typically accompanied by a few other new Apple products and accessories.

How many iPhones does Apple release each year?

With the exception of the release of the iPhone SE, which has fallen in the spring of 2016, 2020, and 2022, Apple tends to release just one family of iPhones a year. However, each family has as many as two to four different variants including a Plus model, a Pro model, and a Pro Max model (or some variation of these names). Each comes at a different price point and is equipped with a variety of different features and specs. For instance, 2022 saw the release of the iPhone 14, the 14 Plus, the 14 Pro, and the 14 Pro Max. Past years have seen Mini models, as well.

What can be expected from the next iPhone release?

While we can’t say for certain what the iPhone 15 will entail, we can certainly make predictions based on past releases. Typically, almost every new iPhone comes with upgrades to the camera, the processor, the battery, the storage and memory, and a number of aesthetic and physical improvements or alterations, as well. Even if the new iPhone looks nearly identical to the one that came before it, you can be certain its internal specs have been greatly improved over the previous model.

When do new iPhones go on sale after they're announced?

When it comes to purchasing a new iPhone, Apple makes one thing clear: Announcement dates and release dates are not the same thing. In years past, Apple will announce the new iPhone in the middle of one week, then make them officially available for purchase the following Friday of the week after. This means there’s around a nine or ten day window for Apple fans to put in their pre-orders before the iPhone officially goes on sale. When the iPhone 15 is announced, you can expect to wait about a week and a half for it to officially go on sale.

How do I pre-order the new iPhone?

Following their announcement presentations, Apple is typically pretty quick about getting pre-order links out to the public. If the iPhone isn’t available for pre-order immediately following the keynote presentation, then it will be up for pre-order shortly after — usually in a day or two. Customers will be able to pre-order the new iPhone from a number of different retailers: either through Apple’s site, their mobile carrier’s site, or their preferred electronics store of choice. Pre-ordering lets you get the iPhone on the day it releases.

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