When Does Tesla Report Earnings

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When Does Tesla Report Earnings

Tesla is one of the most conversational stocks in the world and is easily one of the most valuable. Over the years, Tesla has established itself as a company that makes beautiful and high-performing machines, while at the same time delivering them en masse. For any investor looking for information on whether or not to invest in the future of a company, knowing how well the company is performing is probably some of the most important information out there. While investing on hype may be a bit exhilarating, knowing how the fundamentals of a company are performing is an important step in making informed decisions. Today, we are going to quickly learn when Tesla released their earnings in the past, plus make some estimations on when they will release them in the future. Let’s get started!

Understanding How the Earnings Report of a Public Company Works

When most people reference the “earnings report” of a company, they are generally referring to the quarterly report released by a company that details its performance over the last quarter. As there are four quarters in a year, public companies release four quarterly earnings reports every three months or so. Since the report is a reflection of the last few months, the Q4 earnings report of most companies is released at the beginning of the following year. The SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) requires these reports to be filed via Form 10-Q, similar to the way an individual files a tax form for the IRS.

Importantly, these earnings reports have three documents that investors look out for: balance sheets, income statements, and cash flow statements. Through the combined information of these documents, important metrics to measure the company can be extrapolated. The most commonly used metrics include things like expenses, revenue, sales, and EPS (earnings per share). In fact, most quarterly reports pulled from these documents prioritize figures like the EPS and Revenue and are the first things you see when googling “X Company earnings report”.

On top of the actual numbers that are released during an earnings report are the estimations of those earnings. In fact, exceeding or falling short of these predictions is usually one of the most important factors that can cause a stock to tumble or climb when a quarterly report is released. When a company exceeds expectations, it’s known as a “beating” them, and when a company falls short of these expectations, it’s known as a “miss”. For example, if a company announced earnings of $11 when it was expected to have earnings of $10, people would say that the company “beat revenue by 10%.”

When Does Tesla Report Earnings
Tesla’s quarterly reports will show items like EPS and Revenue.


When Does Tesla Release Their Earnings?

Every year is different, but most companies stick to a general timeline when it comes to their earnings calls. When a company doesn’t stick to a timeline within a few days, it usually isn’t a good sign as they could be intentionally delaying the release of their internal documents and reports.

Tesla has released their quarters 1,2, and 3 for 2022, with Q4 to come in early 2023 as is standard (since the quarter hasn’t ended yet). Q1 came out 4/20/222, Q2 came out 7/20/2022, and Q3 came out 10/19/2022. The final quarter (Q4) of 2022 is set to be announced on 1/25/2023, although this hasn’t been confirmed by the company quite yet.

These dates can be slightly variable, but it doesn’t often change much. If we take Q3 2022, for example, the release date was October 19th. In 2021, the release of the Q3 numbers was on October 20th, only a day later.

What Were Tesla’s Earnings for 2022?

Let’s take a quick look at the 2022 earnings so far, plus extrapolate a bit as to what they could mean. We will be looking at EPS and Revenue since these metrics are the most touted and most commonly referred to.

Q3 2022Beat 5.23%Miss -1.96%
Q2 2022Beat 26.89%Beat 0.01%
Q1 2022Beat 42.31%Beat 5.08%
Q4 2021Beat 6.88%Beat 6.49%

As we can see from the last four quarters announced, Tesla has had a rather positive year. They have shown an increase in their EPS every single quarter, beating expectations, and have nearly done the same for their revenue, only just missing it in this last quarter for the first time in a while.

Looking at these numbers is simple, but what can be complicated is how different people process them. Consistently showing an increase in EPS, for example, shows that a company is becoming more profitable over time. Consistently showing an increase in revenue means that the company is bringing in more money (gross sales), although it doesn’t always mean the company is profiting or breaking even since the number is calculated before things like expenses. Some investors prefer to invest in companies that may be showing a negative EPS, since that means they could still be in a scaling phase of development and could show gains later, while others prefer something more stable. All of this together shows the incredible individuality of investing!

When Does Tesla Report Earnings
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Tesla releases four quarterly reports each year, with three of them being for the current year. So far, Tesla has released Q1, Q2, and Q3 earnings reports for 2022, and is set to release the Q4 earnings report sometime in January.

The earnings report allows investors to see important financial information on a company. Using this data, an investor could then make judgment calls as to the stability and profitability of a company, or its potential to be so in the future. The most common documents released during these earnings reports include balance sheets, cash flow statements, and income statements. From these documents, other metrics are extrapolated, including things like EPS and revenue.

When Does Tesla Report Earnings FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) 

When did the most recent earnings report from Tesla come out?

The most recent earnings report from Tesla came out on October 19th, 2022.

What is an earnings report?

An earnings report is when a public company releases documents that detail its internal finances, including cash flow statements, balance sheets, and income statements.

How many earnings reports do companies release a year?

The SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) requires that public companies release three statements a year, plus an annual statement.

When is the next Tesla earnings call?

Although it hasn’t been announced yet, the Q4 earnings call for Tesla should happen sometimes in mid-January 2023.

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