What Happened to Zoro.to? Is This Anime Site Shut Down?

What happened to Zoro.to?

What Happened to Zoro.to? Is This Anime Site Shut Down?

Key Points

  • Zoro.to, a popular anime streaming website, was shut down due to unauthorized use of copyrighted material.
  • The owners of Zoro.to received a DMCA notice from Google, which led to the site’s closure.
  • Zoro.to now redirects to alliance4creativity.com, a website that promotes legal alternatives for watching anime.
  • The Alliance for Creativity and Entertainment (ACE) is a coalition of over 30 entertainment companies working to combat digital piracy.
  • Crunchyroll, Funimation, Hulu, Netflix, HIDIVE, Amazon Prime, and Anime-Planet are some of the best legal alternatives for streaming anime.

If you’re an anime fan, you probably try to find as many ways as possible to consume it. Some ways people can watch anime is to stream with an online service or to buy a DVD. However, some people will turn to illegal means. One of these illicit means is to watch or download anime for free from an online source. One website where people watched anime was Zoro.to. The site once featured hundreds of subbed and dubbed anime series and allowed users to watch thousands of hours of entertainment for free. However, what happened to Zoro.to? Is it shut down?

This article will answer all of your questions about what happened to Zoro. We’ll also explore legal alternatives that will allow you to watch anime inexpensively or for free.  

What Happened to Zoro.to?

No matter the content, pirate sites are liable to get caught by Google. The owners of the site will get what’s called a DMCA notice. DMCA stands for Digital Millennium Copyright Act. The law states that no one can use or distribute unpaid copyrighted material. The sites that don’t follow this law will get a notice urging them to stop before legal action is taken. We’ll go over the DMCA in more detail in the following section.

This is what happened to Zoro.to. The owners received this notice from Google, and the site was shut down. At first, it appeared you could still access the site to stream anime, as it would redirect to aniwatch.com. However, this is no longer the case.

The popular anime streaming website was shut down based on claims of unauthorized use of copyrighted material. It remains shut down to this day.

What happened to zoro.to?
Pirate sites like Zoro.to are shut down for unauthorized use of copyrighted material. Legally watch the straw hat pirates of ONE PIECE on Crunchyroll.

More Information on the DMCA

The DMCA is a law imposed by the federal government in the USA. It’s designed to protect artists and creators from unlawful reproduction or distribution of their content. The law covers movies and music, as well as anything that is copyrighted. 

The DMCA also says that Internet service providers have an obligation to report any time they see something infighting on the rights of artists. Most websites stand by this policy and will promptly remove any illegal content found on their sites. However, if they do not comply, they will be shut down. As we noted above, this is essentially what happened to Zoro.to.

Can You Still Use Zoro.to?

The site Zoro.to no longer functions as it used to. Also, if you go to Zoro.to today, you’ll notice you will automatically be redirected to alliance4creativity.com. It features links to several services that allow you to legally watch anime, and other TV shows and movies, online. You can no longer use Zoro as a way to stream or download anime illegally.

About Alliance for Creativity and Entertainment

When you go to the website Zoro.to, you will get a warning that Zoro is no longer available due to copyright infringement. The coalition called Alliance for Creativity and Entertainment, or ACE, is working to help stop digital piracy that harms creators.

The coalition consists of over 30 global entertainment companies. The people working for ACE strive to remove illegal streaming services around the world. The coalition wishes to protect profits by researching and removing online pirating websites.

What Are the Best Alternatives for Zoro.to?

If you often exclaim, “It was me, Dio!” like a popular meme, you’re probably a major anime fan, and you need more anime in your life. We’ve compiled a list of top sites where you can safely watch legal anime. Some of these sites may offer free viewing, but on others, you may have to pay for access

Another thing to note is that some streaming services will only offer dubbed anime. However, you may be able to change the audio to the Japanese language and then turn on English subtitles. 


The popular spot for fans of anime, Crunchyroll has been bringing Japanese animation fans what they crave since 2006. You can watch some anime and manga on the site for free or join a subscription tier to watch your favorites. Impatient fans can rest assured that Crunchyroll will even stream new episodes as soon as a day after they air in Japan.


If you live in the US, Canada, Ireland, the UK, Australia, or New Zealand, or you use a VPN, you can stream anime on Funimation. Recently rebranded from AnimeLab, Funimation allows fans to watch both subbed and dubbed anime using Crunchyroll. The site will allow you to get a free trial to watch animated movies and TV shows, and then choose to join a subscription service. 


Hulu has an extensive library of anime, and subscribers can watch either subbed or dubbed content, depending on the show or movie. There are even talks of a Hulu original anime series, but for now, Hulu doesn’t offer any streaming anime you can’t find anywhere else, such as Crunchyroll. 


One of the most popular streaming services, Netflix, has tons of anime to stream. It may not always include the newer titles that Crunchyroll does, but you can find many of your favorites and Netflix originals. Netflix is currently airing episodes of their live-action adaptation of the popular series, ONE PIECE.


With HIDIVE, anime fans can watch exclusive and uncensored shows and movies, including those simulcast from Japan. In addition, you can watch subbed and dubbed content totally ad-free. HIDIVE offers a 7-day free trial and then various subscription options.

Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime has everything — from the most loved classics to the newest hits. You can also watch anime for free on a Prime channel such as FreeVee. FreeVee offers anime for free but with ads. However, the ads are just a chance to grab some more snacks like Pocky. 


If you like to read manga as well as watch anime, Anime-Planet has what you need. The site features classic and new-release manga and anime and offers recommendations based on your viewing preferences. Even better, Anime-Planet is totally free. 

Streaming Anime Online

While enjoying Japanese animation, remember that it takes people to make the content. These people work hard to create their art and deserve to be paid for their efforts. Remember only to access websites that allow you to stream your favorite anime movies and TV shows legally. 

While paying money for access to streaming content is not always fun, it helps support artists and producers so they can keep anime and manga coming your way. In addition, staying away from illegal streaming sites can help protect your online security. It’s a win-win for everyone.

Frequently Asked Questions

Did Zoro get taken down?

Yes, Zoro.to was taken down due to violating copyright acts. You can no longer access this site to watch anime for free.

What replaced Zoro?

Zoro has changed names a few times since getting a DMCA notice. Since then, it’s been Sanji.to and Aniwatch.to. Most recently, it redirects to alliance4creativity.com.

Where can I steam anime online?

There are multiple sites that allow you to stream anime online. Some sites let you do this for free, and some require a subscription service. Some of these sites include Crunchyroll, Anime-Planet, Netflix, and Hulu.

Why did Netflix remove all anime?

You can still watch anime on Netflix. Some shows get taken off the site once the license to use the content expires.

Are anime streaming sites safe?

Most sites that you can stream anime on are considered safe. You should stay away from anime sites that aren’t affiliated with any companies so you aren’t steaming content illegally.

Can I watch anime online with subtitles?

Yes. Some sites like Crunchyroll give you the option to watch subbed or dubbed anime. Subbed means it has subtitles. Dubbed means it’s an English-speaking actor dubbing over the Japanese-speaking actor.

Can I watch anime online for free?

Some legitimate sites have deals with production studios that allow you to stream anime online for free. Sometimes, this may be behind a paywall or a subscription service.

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