What Does POV Mean on TikTok and Instagram?


What Does POV Mean on TikTok and Instagram?

Key Points

  • POV stands for Point of View and is used as a title or hashtag in videos on TikTok and Instagram to indicate that the viewer is meant to experience the video as if they were present or in a certain circumstance.
  • The phrase “Point of View” has its origins in the Latin phrase “punctum visus” and has been used in literature since at least 1760.
  • POV can be used in regular conversation to describe how someone is viewing something.
  • POV can have different meanings depending on the context, such as first-person, second-person, or third-person omniscient.
  • POV is just one of many slang terms used on TikTok and Instagram.

You’ve definitely seen clips with “POV” in the video title, caption, or comments if you’ve spent any time watching reels on Instagram or videos on TikTok. What does the term mean, though? It’s one of the many slang expressions and acronyms used by content producers on TikTok and other social media platforms. The three letters stand for an expression that you are probably extremely familiar with. Here’s what POV means on TikTok and Instagram.

What Does POV Mean?

What does POV mean
POV means “Point of View.” Many users like using it to showcase funny parts of their lives that viewers can relate to.

POV is the acronym for Point of View. When a video on TikTok or Instagram is supposed to be seen as if the viewer were present or is in a certain circumstance, POV is used as a title in the video or as a hashtag to state this. For example, a video may have “POV: You got too drunk at Beyonce’s concert.” Then it will have the person showcasing what that would look like. This format is mostly popular on TikTok, but it’s not the only platform that uses the abbreviation. The hashtag is also growing in popularity on Instagram and Snapchat.

While this trend frequently draws inspiration from ordinary life, some users of the POV TikTok format elect to create content that is weirdly specific. Whether it’s a makeup tutorial, an unboxing or cleaning video, or even something funny, these videos are intended to make the audience feel like they are part of the scenario, watching the scene unfold through their own eyes.

Where Did POV Come From?

While POV may be considered “TikTok” slang, the phrase “Point of View” goes back much further than you may realize. The phrase is derived from the Latin “punctum visus,” which means “point sight.” The point of view in literary works restricts the reader’s knowledge of the story’s happenings because you can only read a work as the narrator sees and describes it. While it may have been created for literature before 1760, some historians and experts can at least date it back to this time.

How Do You Use POV in Conversation?

What does POV mean
POV can be used for people to show off just about anything, including being a small business owner.

Point of View can be used in regular conversation, although the acronym POV is usually reserved for social media only. However, you can use it in conversation like:

  • “I understand your POV, I just wish you would have talked to me about this beforehand.”
  • “POV: You find the love of your life.”
  • “I really enjoyed the actor’s POV during the movie.”

POV can be used to describe just about anything that means “how you’re viewing something.”

What Other Meanings Does POV Have?

POV can have different meanings, depending on the context. This is because there may be different points of view. In the first-person point of view, a story is told from the creator’s or narrator’s perspective. Second person point of view means the story is told from the perspective of another character. The third-person omniscient view means the narrator uses third-person pronouns (he, she, they) to refer to multiple characters in a work. Usually, POV on social media is first-person.

Other Slang Terms From TikTok and Instagram

There are a ton of slang words on TikTok and Instagram. Here are just a few terms like POV that you may come across:

  • TBH: This term means “to be honest.” It can be used to admit something or express an opinion.
  • ICYMI: An acronym for “In case you missed it,” ICYMI is often used to share important news or something people should know.
  • NGL: Also known as “not gonna lie.” This term is often used if someone is trying to share something that may be hurtful or embarrassing.
  • Mid: Social media users use “mid” when they’re saying something isn’t as great as others make it seem. In other words, Disney World can be looked at as “mid” in some people’s opinions.

POV on TikTok and Instagram Wrap-Up

Fortunately, even when the term is used incorrectly, it’s not too difficult to determine the intended meaning of a POV video once you realize that POV stands for “point of view.” Numerous versions of POV videos exist, ranging from humor to fantasy to realistic skits and everything in between. Now that you know what it means, you can use it in your own videos if you wish!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is POV on TikTok?

POV stands for “point of view.” It is used in videos to show that it’s meant to be watched as if the viewer is in that specific situation.

Who started the POV trend?

No one is sure who created the trend, but many note that user @amyy on TikTok seemed to be the first to go viral with her POV video. 

Is POV still trending?

Yes, POV videos are still trending, because many tend to be wholesome or funny and really grab the viewer’s attention.

Can I use POV in a sentence?

You can, but saying “POV” may sound clunky and weird. Instead, just say “point of view.”

How do you write POV on a reel or TikTok video?

If you want to record your own POV video, you’ll want to write the caption on the video as “POV:” followed by your text or story.

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