What Does Pookie Mean on Social Media? (TikTok and Instagram Examples)

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What Does Pookie Mean on Social Media? (TikTok and Instagram Examples)

Key Points

  • Pookie has been around since the 1930s and is now commonly used as a term of endearment.
  • On Instagram and TikTok, Pookie is used humorously and playfully to refer to someone or something.
  • Pookie is often used in comedic memes, lighthearted greetings, couples’ content, and fan content on social media.

Did someone call you Pookie on Instagram or TikTok? Or maybe you heard your kid using this new slang term. Whether scrolling through social media or out and about, you’re not alone if you’ve recently encountered this curious word. Pookie has been solidifying itself in the digital lexicon and making its rounds in chat rooms, leaving many users fascinated and wondering what it really means.

In this article, we’ll solve the mystery behind the expression Pookie and explore how it has evolved into a phenomenon on Instagram and TikTok.

The Evolution of Pookie

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Is Pookie a harmless term? Or does it carry a potentially suggestive meaning?

Pookie is not a new word by any means. In fact, it has been around since the 1930s and has undergone slight changes in its usage. However, according to Urban Dictionary, Pookie is now most commonly used as a term of endearment, often meant to affectionately refer to a loved one, pet, or stuffed animal. 

Still, the internet has a remarkable way of taking seemingly innocuous words and giving them entirely new meanings. Sometimes, those meanings are less than savory, so it’s understandable to be wary of new internet slang. So, does that mean Pookie is still a good thing to be called?

On platforms like Instagram and TikTok, Pookie has been repurposed into a humorous and playful term used to refer to someone or something in a lighthearted manner. Still a term of endearment with warm and loving undertones, it’s become a meme of sorts, often used alongside funny or relatable content. 

In addition to its cult status as a meme, Pookie has also found its place as a nickname for friends and followers. People may use it to refer to their online pals, adding a touch of familiarity and friendliness to their interactions.

Examples of Pookie on TikTok and Instagram

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An old-school term from the 30s is making a comeback on social media!

As Pookie continues to gain popularity across social media platforms, it’s interesting to see the diverse range of content that uses the term. Here’s a look at the different types of Pookie content you’re likely to see across Instagram and TikTok:

Comedic Memes

One of the most common places you’ll find Pookie used is in the world of memes. Users often pair this quirky term with hilarious photos, GIFs, or funny videos. These posts aim to entertain and amuse, with Pookie being used as the punchline of the jokes and as a substitute for a name. Still, whether it’s a comical take on everyday situations or absurd scenarios, using Pookie instead of someone’s name adds an element of playfulness to these memes.

Here are some instances of hilarious uses of the phrase:

First, this video from @a.a.c.c.i.i.d.d on TikTok jokes around about being called Pookie instead of gng (gang). Talk about a friendship upgrade!

Next up, this cute reminder from @sidhaidbsbwaijdndsnse made us look under the bed.

Lighthearted Greetings

Have a favorite influencer or content creator? You might see them addressing their audience on stream with a warm, “Good morning, Pookie!” or “Hey there, Pookie!” The term’s warm and friendly undertones create a sense of genuine connection between the creator and their followers. Plus, with its meaning in mind, it’s easy to see why someone who wants to build their community would use the phrase. Here are some examples:

In this video, funny guy and content creator Dawsonish uses the phrase.

In this next video, @jaredsverycool shows us that love makes us do mysterious things.

Couples’ Content

You’ll likely find this cutesy phrase in couples’ content. You know the couple who’s always oozing about their relationship on your feed? They probably use Pookie. Why not? It is an affectionate and playful term used by partners to address each other in captions and videos. Couples can use the name or hashtag #Pookie to share relationship milestones, adventures, and loving moments. We found some examples to show you:

This video from @gioriotok is just the cutest! 

Then, we have this adorable couple on TikTok personifying the phrase Pookie.

Fan Content

Fans of celebrities and public figures have also embraced Pookie. It’s not uncommon to see the hashtag #Pookie used about celebrity crushes or favorite stars. Super fans might share photos, videos, or fan art with Pookie in the caption to express their admiration and affection. Here are a few examples of fan content that use the term:

In this video, user @lyztxi uses the term in reference to K-Pop star, Jeon So-yeon.

On American Idol, one fan got a little excited when seeing her Pookie, Luke Bryan.


Finishing up our deep dive into the term Pookie across TikTok and Instagram, we’ve uncovered its roots in affection and nostalgia from the 1930s. While it has kept its charming qualities today, Pookie has also evolved into a humorous expression. From funny memes to lighthearted greetings and couples’ content, Pookie has become a fun part of social media conversations, adding a playful twist to everyday interactions.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the origin of the term Pookie?

The term Pookie has a history dating back to the 1930s when it was originally used as an affectionate expression, often referring to loved ones, pets, or cherished stuffed animals.

Do specific groups on social media use Pookie more than others?

Pookie’s usage is widespread and not limited to specific groups on social media. Its appeal spans across various demographics and communities, as it connects people through humor and affection.

How can I use the phrase Pookie in my relationship?

Incorporate Pookie into your relationship by using it in warm greetings, sweet messages, and playful moments to express affection and create a unique connection with your partner.

Why is Pookie becoming popular on social media now?

Pookie’s popularity on social media is due to its ability to add humor, warmth, and a sense of familiarity to online interactions.

Is Pookie's usage limited to specific social media platforms?

Pookie’s usage is not limited to specific social media platforms; it is widespread across all platforms.

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