What Does NTM Mean on TikTok?

What is the meaning of NTM?

What Does NTM Mean on TikTok?

Even if you’re an active TikTok user, you might still be unfamiliar with some of the slang terms and abbreviations on the platform. With new ones popping up constantly, there are just too many to keep track of! For instance, you might wonder, “What does NTM mean on TikTok?”

It’s not uncommon to encounter these new expressions and feel a bit lost. So, if you find yourself consulting the internet or asking your fellow TikTokers for explanations, don’t worry; you’re not alone.

In this article, we’ll explain exactly what “NTM” means and help you learn how to use it correctly. Plus, we’ll also provide some examples of common scenarios where it’s used, so you can incorporate it into your conversations with confidence.

What is “NTM”?

“NTM” actually has two meanings, so you’ll have to pay attention to context clues if you want to decode the meaning correctly.

The first meaning of the abbreviation “NTM” is “not too much.”

You may see “NTM” during a text conversation as a response to the question, “What are you up to?” In this context, it’s a casual way of saying that not much is happening in one’s life at the moment.

The second meaning of “NTM” is “not to mention.”

In this context, you may see “NTM” used when someone is discussing a topic and wants to emphasize that there are additional points or issues they haven’t covered yet. It’s a way of indicating that there’s more to the subject than what’s been mentioned, and it encourages further discussion or exploration of the topic.

What does NTM mean?
Learning slang terms can help you understand and connect with others online.

How Do You Use “NTM”?

In the Context of “Not Too Much”

Using “NTM” is one way to convey a relaxed or nonchalant vibe. While it’s a perfectly acceptable thing to say, it’s worth noting that some people might interpret it as a lack of engagement as it doesn’t contribute much to keep the conversation flowing.

If you want to maintain a more engaging conversation, consider asking a question or providing additional details.

Here’s an example:

Speaker 1: Hey, you busy? What’s going on?

Speaker 2: Hey! NTM, just chilling at home. How are you?


(Not too much) ruined a whole convo #fypシ #trending #5tartay

♬ original sound – vxrtzs

In the Context of “Not to Mention”

Using “NTM” is also a way to emphasize an additional point. This abbreviation is often employed when you want to underscore something that might have been overlooked.

Here’s an example:

Speaker 1: That girl is so friendly and nice!

Speaker 2: NTM she’s beautiful!

What does NTM mean?
Slang terms found on TikTok are often used across many digital platforms.

More Slang From TikTok

To help you as you learn more slang, we’ve put together a list of acronyms that are commonly used on TikTok. While it doesn’t cover every acronym, it includes some of the most important ones to get you started:

  • FOMO = Fear of missing out
  • FTW = For the win
  • ICYMI = In case you missed it
  • IMHO = In my humble opinion
  • IRL = In real life
  • LMK = Let me know
  • NVM = Never mind
  • OOTD = Outfit of the day
  • TBH = To be honest
  • TLDR = Too long, didn’t read
  • TMI = Too much information
What does NTM mean on TikTok?
About 1 billion people use TikTok every month.

Why Does Internet Slang Develop So Quickly?

Internet language, also known as “Netspeak,” has developed rapidly for several reasons.


Internet language has developed primarily to communicate efficiently. Typing every word is time-consuming, and many platforms limit characters in comments. Therefore, commonly used words and phrases, such as “talk to you later,” are shortened to abbreviations like “ttyl” for convenience.

Digital Communication Speed

One reason “netspeak” terms develop fast is because they spread quickly. When something goes viral online, it can affect the culture almost immediately.

A prime illustration of this phenomenon is Kayla Newman, a teenager who created a 6-second video introducing a new way to describe her eyebrows: “on fleek.” Although you might not be familiar with Kayla, there’s a significant probability that you’ve encountered the widely popularized expression by now.


When people share common interests, they tend to engage more with each other. This shared passion not only fosters stronger connections but also provides a natural foundation for conversation and collaboration. Whether it’s an interest in healthy cooking tutorials, a mutual fascination with certain celebrities, or a passion for a certain cause, these shared interests can spark interactions.

One individual who has managed to cultivate a thriving community on TikTok is Andrew Tate. While he is a controversial figure, many TikTok users can’t seem to get enough of his content. As you scroll through the comment section, you may come across several comments exclaiming, “Common W.” This phrase is used to suggest that he expresses views that resonate with the commenters.


The internet connects people from different cultures and linguistic backgrounds. As a result, new words and phrases often arise from a multicultural and multilingual context.

For example, the word “doppelgänger,” which means a look-alike, is a German term that gained popularity onnline through the social media trend of posting your celebrity lookalike.

How to Stay Up-to-Date on TikTok Slang

The most effective way to keep up with TikTok slang is to get involved. Read comments and watch for context clues while you’re active on the platform. This engagement with online conversations will help you quickly catch on to new expressions and slang as they evolve.

Don’t be discouraged if you encounter unfamiliar terms. Instead, take it as an opportunity to expand your internet language fluency.

If you’re curious about how other people learn slang terms, know that it doesn’t come naturally to everyone. Even Gen Zers have to double-check their meanings!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an FYP?

FYP stands for “For You Page.” It’s the main feed on TikTok where you’ll discover trending content.

What are TikTok challenges? Are they safe?

TikTok challenges are viral trends that encourage users to create content around a specific concept.

While many TikTok challenges are safe and intended for good fun, some others, such as chroming, are potentially life-threatening.

Is TikTok safe for kids and teenagers?

While there’s a lot of harmless and entertaining content on TikTok, there also might be some content on the platform that’s not appropriate for younger users.

In light of this, TikTok recently introduced a new feature called TikTok for Younger Users. If this feature is enabled, the user will only see age-appropriate content.


How do I report inappropriate content or users on TikTok?

TikTok has its own Community Guidelines that detail what type of content is not allowed on the platform.

If you believe a creator has violated these guidelines, you can report the content by tapping the video and holding down your touch. This action will bring up a menu where you can locate the option to report the violation.

Why is TikTok banned in some countries?

Although the specific reasons for bans may vary, some countries have prohibited the platform due to concerns about data privacy and national security.

Furthermore, TikTok may not always align with the laws and cultural norms of certain nations. This divergence in values and regulatory compliance has led to restrictions on its usage in those regions.

Can I make money on TikTok?

Yes. Users can earn money through the platform in the following ways:

Brand Partnerships: If you have a large following, brands may pay you to create specific content promoting their products/services. For example, Airbnb frequently uses influencers to market their rental properties.

TikTok Creator Fund: The TikTok Creator Fund rewards eligible content creators for creating popular videos. Pay is based on the performance of their videos.

Who uses TikTok?

TikTok engages users of all ages from all across the world.

One of the main reasons it’s able to do this is its algorithm which shows users the content they like the most. This personalized approach keeps users engaged, regardless of their age or interest.

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