What Does “Gyatt” Mean on TikTok?

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What Does “Gyatt” Mean on TikTok?

Key Points

  • The meaning of ‘gyatt’ is debatable, but it is often used as an expression of excitement when netizens see an attractive woman.
  • ‘Gyatt’ originated on Twitch in 2022 and quickly gained popularity on TikTok, with over 300 million views on the hashtag.
  • TikTok has popularized various other slang terms, the usage of which changes frequently.

Can you effortlessly keep your finger on the pulse of the latest internet slang doing the rounds? No, we can’t either, to be honest. If you spend a lot of time on TikTok, chances are that you’ve seen “gyatt” popping up here and there lately. TikTokers didn’t actually coin the term, but it gained popularity there. Don’t scratch your head much longer, though. We’re going to explain exactly what it means, so you can keep yourself in the know (for a little while, anyway).

What Does “Gyatt” Mean?

The exact meaning of “gyatt” is debatable, to be honest. Some online users say that it’s a shortened version of “God damn”. Others say that it isn’t really an abbreviation at all. An alternative definition is “get your act together”, but to be honest, this usage seems fairly rare. One thing’s for sure, though: it tends to be used the most as an expression of excitement, usually when netizens come across a woman that they find attractive. More often than not, this woman has a voluptuous figure. Especially in the… back, if you know what we mean.

We must say, we’re not entirely enthused by its usage, as it definitely encroaches on both sexist and racist territory. The former is pretty self-explanatory. The latter is because the consensus is that it resembles the way that a lot of Black Americans pronounce “God”. “Goddamn” is a fairly common expression that’s used to indicate someone’s sexual appeal, particularly women. However, traditionally, people use this verbally and not in written form online.

All in all, young social media users use this term fairly often these days. But if you don’t want to sound like a Gen Z’er or a mocker of marginalized cultures, it’s probably best to avoid “gyatt” altogether. Added to that, it doesn’t make grammatical sense either, since the original expression is an exclamation, not an adjective or noun.

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“Gyatt” came into existence on Twitch, thanks to the user “YourRAGE”.

Where Did “Gyatt” Come From?

The usage of “gyatt” is fairly controversial and confusing. Fortunately, though, we can trace the origins of the term fairly well. The term actually came into existence on Twitch, the streaming platform mostly used for video games. The user who came up with the slang is “YourRAGE”, who also hosts a popular YouTube channel. YourRAGE introduced the term in 2022, and it quickly exploded in popularity. Today, the hashtag has over 300 million views.

What Other Terms Has TikTok Popularized?

The users of TikTok are mostly 18- to 24-year-olds. So, it’s only natural that it would be both the birthplace and breeding ground for modern slang. Here are 9 phrases that have spread through the internet thanks to TikTokers, much like “gyatt” has.

  • POV: This means “point of view”. It’s used for videos where the perspective is intended to be that of the viewer in a relatable context.
  • CEO: Most of us know what “CEO” means. But these days, people use this for anything they consider themselves to excel at. For example, “CEO of going viral”.
  • OOMF: “One of my friends/followers” is used when people want to talk trash about someone who’s annoyed them without identifying them.
  • Cheugy: This is the opposite of trendy. If you’re trying too hard, you can be called “Cheugy”.
  • 1437: This one is pretty obscure but sort of impressive. It resembles the word count of the words making up the phrase “I love you forever”, and can be used as a stand-in.
  • GRWM: A phrase that stands for “get ready with me”. If someone is showing their routine for getting ready for work, school, or basically anything else, you may see GRWM.
  • W and L: These mean win and lose, respectively. Teenagers are fans of brevity, after all.
  • Heather: Essentially the opposite of Karen. If someone is well-liked and desirable, they’re a Heather.
  • Main character: Whether this is used ironically or genuinely depends on the person. But either way, people use it to refer to themselves or others as the “main character”. Or, as having “main character energy”. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What does “gyatt” mean?

“Gyatt” originates from the expression “God damn!”, used as an exclamation when encountering someone that the user deems attractive. This is usually a woman. However, the current usage of “gyatt” typically refers to someone that has a curvaceous body.



Where did “gyatt” come from?

The YouTube and Twitch user “YourRAGE” popularized the term in 2021.

Why is “gyatt” potentially problematic?

Aside from its grammatical perversion of an exclamation into a noun or adjective, many people consider it either sexist (because it’s often used to sexualize women who may not wish to be) and/or racist (because it’s commonly used by non-Black Americans and can be seen as mockery).

What other meaning does “Gyatt” have?

Sometimes written as “gyat”, the term can mean “get your act together”, although this usage is pretty rare comparatively.

What other slang terms are popular on TikTok?

TikTok popularizes a lot of terms, but some common ones that are used today are “POV”, “CEO”, “FYP”, “Cheugy”, “1437”, “GRWM”, “W”, “L”, and “Heather”.

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