What Does “FBGM” Mean on TikTok?

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What Does “FBGM” Mean on TikTok?

We can definitely say a trip through TikTok can be eye-opening. We can’t say, however, that the journey’s always that wholesome. Even once you get to grips with the app’s icons and symbols, it feels like a new phrase pops up every time you open it. One such piece of slang is “FBGM”. You may have seen this floating around lately and might not know what it means. Today, we’re going to enlighten you on the true definition. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

What Does “FBGM” Mean?

In simple terms, “FBGM” is a pretty vulgar acronym that stands for “F*** B***hes, Get Money”, taken from the name of a song by T-Pain back in 2017. Its usage has shifted since the song came out, however. T-Pain actually describes a woman he’s dating who’s concerned with getting money and, as per the title, has a fluid sexual orientation.

Nowadays, people use this term in a few different ways. It’s been popularized on TikTok by women. Usually, they’re telling their viewers about men who seem to have a misogynistic and materialistic mindset. In particular, a video by the user called “allyssaelaine” has gone certifiably viral. In the clip, she laments this attitude she’s experienced from a guy recently. Overall, the acronym seemed pretty ambiguous to most, much like “gyatt” and “wyll“.

While some users knew what the term meant, it perplexed many, who then tried to guess in the comments. Others shared about their own negative experiences with guys or made jokes about alternative meanings for the acronym. It is social media, after all.

The viral TikTok by allyssaelaine caused the phrase FBGM to re-emerge.

How Do You Use “FBGM”?

If you’re not a Gen Zer or TikToker, using “FBGM” may be a little out of place. It can’t exactly be recommended to use it proudly, either. But users tend to use it when highlighting some less than pleasant behavior received from a man, calling him out as having the “FBGM” mindset.

What Other Meaning Does “FBGM” Have?

Some guys will use it as a badge of honor, or a sort of personal philosophy, even though usage is predominantly derogatory. This could perhaps be ironic or not (it can be hard to tell which, especially online). Others even use it as a way to console their friends, usually after the demise of a romantic relationship. In some ways, you can see “FBGM” as similar in concept to other popular slang terms, such as “Bros before h*es”, “Money Over Everything” (MOE), or “Get Money, Get L*id” (GMGL). These are also mostly found online or in music. Not really around the dinner table with your family, for obvious reasons. Out of all of them, MOE is arguably the least offensive, but it would still be out of place in most other contexts.

Slang is popular on TikTok.
FBGM doesn’t see much usage outside of social media.


More Slang From TikTok

There are probably almost as many slang words on TikTok as there are users. Okay, that may be a bit of an exaggeration, but the list is pretty extensive. Here are some of the most popular slang terms going around, aside from FBGM:

  • FYP: Short for “For You Page,”, i.e., the home feed of TikTok. Used to try to get a boost in engagement. This can work, particularly if you already have a sizeable following.
  • W and L: These are abbreviations for “win” and “lose”, because teenagers love to save time when typing.
  • Main character: Playful or serious, the main character is the protagonist, who takes center stage. You can say they have “main character energy”. Sometimes a joke, sometimes a mindset.
  • POV: This means “point of view”, and people use this to set up some context for a (usually humorous) video.
  • OOMF: If you want to give some subtle criticism without naming someone, you can simply refer to them as “one of my friends”, or “one of my followers”.
  • GRWM: Get ready with me. People love to post their routines, and viewers love to watch them, too.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does “FBGM” stand for?

Simply put, “FBGM” stands for “F*** B**ches, Get Money”. It’s safe to say it’s a fairly vulgar term.

What does “FBGM” mean?

Usually, it’s used by women to call out men for their sexist behavior, and their desire to hide their feelings, choosing to focus on material pursuits, i.e., obtaining wealth. Sometimes, it’s used by men who seem to be proud of it, but how they actually feel deep down is anyone’s guess.

Where did “FBGM” come from?

The term comes from a song of the same name by T-Pain, released in 2017. The focus of the song is a girl that T-Pain is dating, who likes to focus her efforts on obtaining money, and also seems to enjoy intimate moments with members of the same sex. This interpretation is a little different from the meaning it’s been given on TikTok.

Does “FBGM” have any other meanings?

As far as we’re aware, there are no alternative meanings for the acronym. All in all, it’s a pretty simple term, with not much ambiguity.

What other terms are similar to “FBGM”?

Some terms that are similar in meaning include “Get Money, Get L*id” (GMGL), “Money Over Everything” (MOE), and “Bros before H*es”. Aside from MOE, these are also fairly obscene, but may not always carry as much of a misogynistic tone.

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