What Does Card Fruit Mean on TikTok?

Card fruit on TikTok

What Does Card Fruit Mean on TikTok?

TikTok is easily becoming one of the most popular apps these days. With the popularity, many slang terms are created or popularized, including “card fruit.” Since 2021, many self-labeled nutritionists and health gurus have used the term, but what does card fruit mean on TikTok? Is it important? Let’s discuss.

What Does Card Fruit Mean?

what does card fruit mean
The term “card fruit” can be used to figure out where your fruits and vegetables come from.

The card fruit trend showcases how TikTok users have found a way to buy produce. It started when shoppers began sharing their advice on how to choose the “healthiest” fruit options. This was based on the barcode you see on the fruit. The card fruit term itself is regarded as the fruit’s product code. The code will indicate if it is organic, genetically modified, or has been treated with chemicals or pesticides.

As an example, if the four-digit barcode on an apple’s label begins with the number four and has a total of four digits, the apple has been treated with chemicals and pesticides. The item is likely a GMO crop if the code has five digits and begins with the number eight. If the code contains five numbers but begins with nine, the product is considered organic.

While the term became popular amongst people who talk about living healthy lifestyles, it’s important to note that many experts state there are minuscule differences between organic and non-organic produce. So if you can’t afford to purchase organic produce, that’s okay. You’re not any less healthy if you eat conventional fruits and vegetables.

Where Did Card Fruit Come From?

Card fruit may have been used before TikTok was popular. However, many articles on the trend itself give credit to TikTok user @Prettydelicious4u as the creator. The user created a video stating why they paid attention to the barcodes on fruits and vegetables, and how these codes helped them make better shopping choices.

How Do You Use Card Fruit In Conversation?

what does card fruit mean
Many people post on TikTok to showcase what they eat and how they stay healthy.

Unlike other slang terms, you can’t use card fruit in a sentence. Instead, it’s looked at as a process, where you choose fruits based on their codes. You wouldn’t say “I’m going to card fruit at the grocery store,” but you can “card fruit” while shopping. It’s based on your grocery shopping choices, and you don’t have to use it in conversation.

Does Card Fruit Have Other Meanings?

In the last year or so, the term has created a new meaning as well. Some users have now used card fruit to showcase how they can throw playing cards at produce so fast that the cards can slice through it. While this isn’t as popular, if you search on TikTok, there are quite a few videos under the card fruit hashtag that demonstrate this.

Other Slang Terms From TikTok

TikTok has many slang terms. Here are just a few you may see when you get on the app:

  • POV: Meaning “Point Of View,” this term is used in videos that show the viewer’s point of view in a certain situation.
  • Cheugy: This term is used for things that aren’t up to date. It can be used as a diss towards someone who isn’t keeping up with the current trends.
  • Hot Girl Summer: This trend was started by rapper Megan Thee Stallion, and simply means living your best life, especially during the summer months.
  • Mid: This term is used for something that is just average or mediocre.
  • Sneaky Link: If you use the slang sneaky link, you’re saying that you’re hooking up with someone that you’d rather keep secret.

Card Fruit on TikTok Wrap-Up

Card fruit isn’t a super popular term on TikTok, most likely because you don’t really use it in a sentence. Instead, it’s a new health trend among TikTok users who believe you should buy certain fruits and vegetables. You aren’t missing out if you choose not to follow along with this trend, but at least you know what it means!

Frequently Asked Questions

How did card fruit start on TikTok?

The card fruit trend started when TikTokers were trying to follow a specific diet with healthy fruits and wanted to determine how their fruit from grocery stores was produced.  

Do I have to buy organic fruit?

No, you don’t. There have been no scientific studies that have completely proven that organic food is better than conventional-grown food.

Who created the card fruit trend?

While we aren’t sure who started the trend overall, TikTok user @prettydelicious4u seems to be the first to have uploaded a video about the term (her video released on May 2, 2021). In the TikTok, she talks about codes for organic products.

What does fruit mean in a relationship?

Did you know that outside of the card fruit term on TikTok, fruit emojis have separate meanings? While there is more information online, some include cherries = in a relationship, bananas = married, and an apple = engaged.

Does card fruit have any other meanings?

Although it is not as popular, there are quite a few videos under the card fruit hashtag that demonstrate throwing playing cards at fruit fast enough to slice through the fruit.

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