What Does BFFR Mean on TikTok?

What Does BFFR Mean

What Does BFFR Mean on TikTok?

If you spend a lot of time on the TikTok app, you’ve most likely seen or heard the term BFFR. The most common place to see BFFR is in posts made on social media by individuals who are surprised or upset over something. These individuals can significantly reduce their communications by using BFFR, and it allows them to use profanity without really using it. What does BFFR mean on TikTok, and how can you use it in a sentence? We have its history and definition, plus how you can use it in conversation. Let’s dive in.

What Does BFFR Mean?

According to the Urban Dictionary, the acronym BFFR stands for “Be F***ing For Real”. It is frequently used to convey shock or disbelief or to call someone naive or stupid. It’s similar to “Are you serious?” or “Make it make sense.” Simply put, if someone is being ignorant or in denial about anything, or if they’re telling a lie and you want to call them out on it, you can use this phrase.

It’s essential to be able to comprehend the context and intended meaning of BFFR, as with any slang or internet phrase. It can be used to handle a variety of circumstances.

BFFR on TikTok
BFFR is similar to “Make it make sense.” It is used to convey disbelief or call someone out for being ignorant or untruthful.

Where Did BFFR Come From?

As with quite a bit of TikTok slang, BFFR comes from African American Vernacular English (also known as AAVE). More than 200 million TikTok users have seen videos using the hashtag #BFFR on TikTok, with its popularity growing day to day. However, TikTok users aren’t the only ones who use BFFR in their daily slang.

The female rapper, Latto, used the term in October 2022 when she tweeted, “I’ll die on this hill by myself! Everybody ain’t lying on you! We see the pattern! BFFR!” in response to rapper Nicki Minaj.

How Do You Use BFFR In Conversation?

BFFR is frequently employed as an imperative or an instruction. Depending on how stern the command is, either a period or an exclamation mark should come after it. You can use BFFR as a statement, question, or interjection. Here are a few ways to use it:

  • Statement: “It doesn’t matter what anyone says, he’s the hottest guy ever. BFFR.”
  • Question: “BFFR? You’re going to stay with him after he cheated on you?”
  • Interjection: “You think I’m still going to be your friend after you gossiped about me? BFFR!”

Additionally, you can utilize BFFR in text or online via apps like Snapchat and Instagram. However, be careful not to use it among individuals who don’t know the slang or who might find it insulting. BFFR can be disrespectful to another person. Use BFFR sparingly and only around those who are slang-savvy.

What Other Meanings Does BFFR Have?

At this time, BFFR doesn’t have any other definitions. The closest term to BFFR is BFFL, but it is a completely different term, meaning “Best Friends For Life.”

Other Slang Terms From TikTok

What Does BFFR Mean
Be careful with using some of these slang terms, as they can be considered problematic to some people.

On TikTok, there are a ton of slang terms. In addition to BFFR, the following words are some of the most often-used slang:

  • BMS: This stands for “Broke My Scale.” It refers to a scale of attractiveness, so this is used when someone is very good-looking.
  • Bussin: This word is used to describe something that is delicious (“This pizza is bussin.”) or amazing.
  • Cheugy: Cheugy means uncool. Many Gen Z influencers and TikTok users use this word for older Millennials, Gen X, and Boomers.
  • 1437: 1437 represents “I love you forever.” The numbers stand for the letter count of each word.
  • ISTG: This is short for “I swear to God,” and people use it when they’re being extremely serious.
  • Mid: People use this term when they are explaining something that is mediocre.


BFFR can be used to show surprise or shock and as an interjection, question, or declaration. Depending on the context and tone, it could be considered insulting, so be careful to use it sensibly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is BFFR a good thing?

No, it’s not. Someone will usually say BFFR to someone who is being naive or in denial.

How do you use BFFR in a sentence?

BFFR would be used as such: “You didn’t get me a gift for my birthday, but expect me to do it for you? BFFR.”


Are there any other terms that are similar to BFFR?

There are quite a few slang terms on TikTok, including GYAT (“Get your act together”), and pick me girl.

What does BFFR mean from a girl?

It means the same. Usually, the girl is asking someone to be serious.

What does BFFL stand for?

BFFL is completely different from BFFR. It means “Best Friends For Life”.

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