What Does 1437 Mean on TikTok?

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What Does 1437 Mean on TikTok?

No matter your age, you’re sure to learn some new slang while scrolling TikTok. Over the past few years, as the app’s user base has continued to flourish, TikTok has become something of a cultural hub. New landmarks of pop culture happen on the app on a regular basis. This, of course, includes the creation of new slang. For the casual TikTok user — in other words, the ones who don’t spend hours and hours on the platform a day — the meaning behind this slang might not be very clear. Take “1437,” for example. What does 1437 mean on TikTok?

What Does 1437 Mean?

1437 in search bar on TikTok.
Many TikTok users would like to know what the code “1437” means.

Looking at the numbers 1437 out of context, there’s no telling the number of different possibilities for what it might mean. However, in the context of TikTok, it almost always seems to be used in a positive, affectionate way. This clues you in on its meaning. You see, “1437” is code for “I love you forever.”

Still confused? Think of the numbers as a way to count the total amount of letters in each word. The “1” stands for the letter “I.” The “4” stands for the number of letters in “love.” The “3” stands for the letters in “you.” The final “7” stands for the number of letters in “forever.” Put it all together and what do you get? “1437,” or “I love you forever.”

Using 1437 on TikTok

Videos on TikTok using "1437."
“1437” shows up in a ton of TikTok videos.

TikTokers have embraced “1437” as a subtle way to tell people they love them. Scrolling the app, you’re likely to see it used in videos, comments, stitches, and direct messages alike. No matter where you see it, the fact remains: it’s a sly way to show love, support, or closeness without explicitly saying the words “I love you forever” to a person.

Some TikTokers also use a shortened version of “1437.” In these cases, they simply say “143.” You might recognize this shortened version more than “1437.” That’s because the “143” abbreviation long pre-dates TikTok. It drops the “forever” part but keeps the first part. No matter which version you find on TikTok, both symbolize the same display of affection.

To be clear, the use of “1437” for “I love you forever” long predates TikTok. It’s been an expression for decades now, actually dating back to a time before the Internet. That said, TikTok has reclaimed the slang and given it a new life online. It coincides with a larger conversation surrounding numerology and “angel numbers” on the app.

Other Uses for 1437

"1437" in Instagram search bar.
“1437” also shows up on other social media platforms.

It’s not just TikTok that’s home to casual uses of “1437.” People also use this code in text messages, tweets, Instagram and Facebook posts, and beyond. The basic fact that it’s shorthand makes it almost universally adaptable. Across the Internet, the code conveys profoundly deep feelings without the need to explicitly state “I love you.”

Naturally, many have taken the code off the Internet to use it in real life. A playful gesture or inside joke with close friends or loved ones slipped into a note or card or used in casual conversation, “1437” adds an extra layer of meaning to any message, talk, or gift — either on TikTok or otherwise. Use it at your own discretion now that you know its meaning.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does "1437" mean on TikTok?

“1437” is a numeric code that stands for “I love you forever.” Each digit corresponds to the number of letters in each word: “1” for “I,” “4” for “love,” “3” for “you,” and “7” for “forever.” It’s popular on TikTok and other social media sites alike.

Why is "1437" popular on TikTok?

TikTok users toss around “1437” as a discreet way to express deep affection. It’s used in comments sections, videos, and closed captions alike. It’s a way to subtly show love without explicitly using the phrase “I love you forever.”

Is "1437" used outside of TikTok?

Yes, definitely! The use of “1437” is not limited to TikTok. As a matter of fact, it is used far and wide across text messages, chats, handwritten notes, and even in-person interactions. It’s a near-universal way to convey lasting love or other affectionate feelings.

Are there variations of "1437" on TikTok?

Yes, there are other variations on “1437” on TikTok and elsewhere. Other numeric codes include “143” for “I love you,” or “1432” for “I love you too.” Each follows the same principles as “1437”: using numbers to represent words or phrases to show affection.

Is "1437" bad?

No, “1437” is not bad or inappropriate. (You’re not wrong to ask, given the sheer number of inappropriate slang terms thrown around on TikTok and across the Internet at large.) “1437” simply means “I love you forever.”

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