What Does RTS Stand For?

The gaming culture has a vast collection of abbreviations and slang. One of those bandied around is RTS. To get straight to the point, RTS stands for real-time strategy. A lot of the time, RTS is used to describe a genre of video games. Today, we will dive into the origins of RTS and some of the most prominent use cases.

Origins of RTS

The term real-time strategy was used initially in contrast games with a turn-based strategy structure. A turn-based strategy game is something like chess or checkers. So instead of one move at a time, real-time strategy games allowed every player to take turns at the same time.

Seminal RTS Games

Although various games could fall into the class of RTS, that came before these extremely popular titles. RTS games exploded between 1992 and 1998. Most of them originated from Blizzard and Westwood Studios.


RTS games typically have a much more complex gameplay style than most games. As the player, you usually have an ariel view of the world, and instead of controlling one main character, you manage groups of people or a faction.

If you have never tried an RTS game before, it is worth checking out at least once. It is one of those genres that you either hate or love. And enough people have fallen in love with these games to make RTS one of the most prominent PC game genres.

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