What Does ‘Emoji’ Mean Anyway, Where Did It Originate?

What does ‘Emoji’ mean anyway? Where did it originate? If you’re an emoji lover, you’re in for a treat! We’ve dug up some pretty interesting facts about the origins of emojis that will make you love them even more.

What Does ‘Emoji’ Mean?

Emojis are small digital images and icons that express many emotions, ideas, and messages in electronic communications. They originated in Japan, where they are very popular, but their use has spread rapidly worldwide in recent years.

A Brief History of Emojis

Did you know that emojis have been around since the late 1990s? A team of developers in Japan created the first set of emojis. These early emojis were simple black-and-white faces, but they quickly evolved into the colorful and expressive icons we all know and love today.

The Different Types of Emojis

– Smileys – Stickers – Objects – Symbols – Kaomojis – Flags

How To Use Emojis on Your Computer

One way is to copy and paste them from websites like Emojipedia.org. Find the emoji, then copy and paste it into your document, email, or chat window. Another way to use emojis on your computer is to install a third-party keyboard like Bitmoji or SwiftKey.

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