Watch Elon Discuss Space-based Internet With Pickup Truck Sized Satellites

In a recent podcast interview on the Full Send Podcast, Elon Musk discusses something that sounds straight out of a sci-fi film: space internet! While this technology may sound a bit far-fetched, it’s in use now. Watch Elon discuss space-based internet with pickup truck-sized satellites!

What is Starlink?

The “space-based internet” that Elon Musk refers to in the podcast interview is just that, the internet that comes from space via satellite. Only for Elon, the plain-old satellite isn’t going to cut it.

What makes Starlink internet special?

Starlink is faster, has significantly reduced latency (enough to game on), and is more stable throughout the day. The reason it’s so much better than its competitors is that it uses a different kind of satellite in a different kind of orbit.

How much will Starlink internet cost?

It is pretty expensive, although it is comparable to the price of any other satellite internet company. After a one-time equipment fee of $599, it will cost $110 a month for around 100 Mbps.

Starlink is currently available, although there are some waiting lists for places with a high density of users. Should more people be talking about Starlink, as Elon suggests? Probably! It will likely change the world of internet access for rural communities across the planet.

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