Touch Screen Explained – Everything You Need To Know

A touchscreen allows users to interact with their devices using their fingers or stylus. The touchscreen technology is suitable and currently available on various devices, including laptops, computers, smartphones, cash registers, etc.

3 Facts about Touch Screen

– More than 90% of touchscreens are capacitive. – Touchscreens have an average durability period of 3 years. – Almost all touchscreen devices feature a Liquid-Crystal Display, LCD.

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Touch Screen History

The concept of now-ubiquitous touch screen interface was put into words in October 1965, when Eric Arthur Johnson, an engineer at the Royal Radar Establishment in Malvern, England, interested in developing touchscreen for air traffic control.

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Touch Screen: How It Worked

The touchscreen technology features three (3) major components: the touch sensor, controller, and software. The touch panel or sensor features a touch-responsive surface with the passage of electrical current.

Touch Screen: Historical Significance

Ever since, touchscreen technology has experienced rapid growth and acceptance, particularly because of the ease of operation it offers users. The first touchscreen phone was made commercially available by IBM in 1993.

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