Top 10 Different Free Music Websites: Pros and Cons Compared

The digital era has offered new opportunities to artists and music sites to enjoy and exchange tunes online. So, we’ve compiled a list of some high-quality websites that offer free music downloads for your enjoyment. Here are the ten best free music websites on the Internet today.

Free Music Archive

Pros: Large variety of music available, User-friendly and easy to navigate Cons: Lacks the ability to add music to your Library and playlists, Some track listings are not accurate or up-to-date for all albums


Pros: Free music to download, Great resource for discovering new bands, Great mobile app Cons: Interface might be hard to navigate at first

Jamendo Music

Pros: Great for sharing music and discovering new artists, Hundreds of tracks to listen to, Fantastic mobile app Cons: Calls for a broader social network


Pros: Millions of songs by artists from all over the world, You can search for songs and artists using categories or simply by typing keywords into the search bar Cons: Older artists’ songs may not be available, You need YouTube Premium to download songs


Pros: Easy to navigate, Many playlists to choose from, including mixes and special collections Cons: Minimal information about the artists on the site, Available only in English

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