Thunderbolt vs. USB C

Which One Should You Use?

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What it is: an interface technology that provides bandwidth speeds up to 10 Gbps Primary Use: To allow the users to connect several external devices to the computer. Conceived: 2009 Initial release: 2011


What it is: a new reversible cable that allows faster data transfer and charging of devices Primary Use: connect a computer to another computer, or connect a computer to an external monitor Conceived: 2013 Initial release: 2016

Thunderbolt Pros and Cons

Pros: Thunderbolt is a fast technology; it has more bandwidth available than other types of connections, Flexibility Cons: Security vulnerabilities; susceptible to option ROM attacks, More expensive than USB C

USB C Pros and Cons

Pros: Unlike previous versions of USB cables, it supports transfer speeds of up to 10 Gbps, Supports modern USB versions Cons: Although many think of it as next-generation technology, it is slow compared to what was expected.

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