The Real Reason Zune Failed Spectacularly

Zune failed due to a whole slew of reasons, each one just as much to blame as the others. Today, let’s take a look at the complete history behind Zune’s failure. 

The Significance of the Zune

While it’s nothing more than a blight on Microsoft’s reputation today, the Zune had real potential upon its first release in 2006. The iPod had been around for about five years, and many iPod users had their fair share of complaints and wishes for future MP3 players from Apple.

Zune’s Reception From Critics

Critics took immediate notice of how Microsoft had missed its opportunity. A bulky design, an unappealing brown color, and a lack of innovative design compared to the time’s current-gen iPod.

Zune Specs

Manufacturer: Microsoft Release Date(s): November 2006 (First Generation) November 2007-September 2008 (Second Generation) September 2009 (Third Generation) Storage: 4, 8, 16, 30, 32, 64, 80, and 120 GB

Zune: The Complete History

In its early days, Zune had several unique components that set them apart from the iPod. For one, Zunes were far better suited for socializing. For example, users could send songs to other nearby Zune users completely wirelessly.

Why the Zune Failed

While various factors contributed to the failure of the Zune, you can really pin it on one major thing in particular: Microsoft gave consumers no reason to pick the Zune over the iPod.

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