The Real Reason Google+ Failed Spectacularly

Google+ Currents, the last bastion of Google+ is shutting down in 2023, drawing the curtains on one of the ill-fated social media platforms. Despite Google’s ubiquity as a household name in technology, Google+ never managed to catch on. Today, let’s take a look why Google+ failed and more.

The History of Google+: Initial Release

Google+ launched in June of 2011 with many standard features of social media platforms, like being able to post photos, post status messages, and stream. It also featured many unique additions like being able to group your relationships into different types rather than setting all of them to the generic “friends” label.

Initial Stages of Shutdown

The first stage of the shutdown began in October 2018 when Google announced that the consumer version of Google+ would be defunct by August 2019. This date was later pushed forward to 2 April 2019.

What Were the Most Important Features of Google+?

– Circles – Communities – Google+ Local – Google+ Creative Kit

How Did Google+ Make Money?

Google+’s exact business model was never published. Still, it can be assumed that Google+, like other social networks, made the bulk of its money through personalized advertising.

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