The Real Reason Fire Phone Failed Spectacularly

What initially made Fire Phone a contender? Who was it popular with? What were its specs and product history? We’ll deep dive into these details. Hopefully, you’ll finally grasp why exactly the Fire Phone failed.

The Significance of the Fire Phone

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Released in June of 2014, the Fire Phone boasted features that couldn’t be found on its rivals. The most impressive was its so-called Dynamic Perspective. 

Fire Phone’s Reception From Critics

While the Fire tablet enjoyed initial success, the Fire Phone was met with very mixed reviews. Critics took issue with its high price, lackluster OS, unimpressive specs, and exclusivity to AT&T.

Fire Phone Specs

Name: Fire Phone Brand: Amazon Fire Operating System: Fire OS First Released: July 25th, 2014 Price: $649-$749 System on a Chip: Qualcomm Snapdragon 800

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Fire Phone: The Complete History

Launched in 2014, the fire phone by Amazon was a 3D-enabled smartphone. When the Kindle Fire hit the market in the fall of 2011, the Fire Phone was already in the works.

Why Fire Phone Failed

Fire Phone’s failure comes down to one word: hubris. Enormous pride and confidence were at the center of it.

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