The PlayStation Vita: History, Launch, and Ultimate Failure Explained

The successor to the PlayStation Portable, the PlayStation Vita launched in 2011 to astronomical expectations. So, why did the PlayStation Vita fail to become the hit Sony believed it would be? Let’s take a deep dive and find out.

Facts About the PlayStation Vita

– It was backward compatible with the PlayStation Portable (download only). – The 5-inch OLED screen was far better than competing Nintendo DS/3DS units. – It also had a web browser and could make Skype calls.

Quick Facts

Release Date: December 2011 (Japan), February 15, 2012 (U.S.) Developer: Sony Notable Figures: Shuhei Yoshida, Kazuo Hirai  Gaming Generation: Eighth Generation Lifespan: 2011-2019

First Edition

The original PlayStation Vita hardware was, by all accounts, very ambitious. That ambition starts with the 5-inch 960 x 544 qHD OLED capacitive touchscreen, which to this day remains an impressive display.

Second Edition

On October 10, 2013, in Japan and on February 7th, 2014, elsewhere around the world, Sony launched a slimmer version of the PlayStation Vita. Dubbed the PCH-2000 series, the second generation Vita was 20% thinner and 15% lighter when compared to the launch model.

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