The Largest Fintech Companies in the World, and What They Do

From mobile payments to peer-to-peer lending, these companies are changing the way we handle our money. But which fintech companies are the biggest? And what do they actually do? Here’s a quick overview of the largest fintech firms in the world.

Coinbase – Revenue: $802 million

Coinbase is one of the largest custodial cryptocurrency companies in the world. Based in the United States, Coinbase helps customers get started in the world of buying and selling popular cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Dogecoin, and Chainlink.

SoFi – Revenue: $985 million

SoFi is a fintech company that is based in the United States. SoFi offers student loan refinancing, mortgages, and personal loans to consumers. SoFi also has a wealth management platform that offers investment products and advice to its users.

Klarna – Revenue: $1.6 billion

Another large fintech company is Klarna, which is based in Sweden. Klarna provides online payment solutions to merchants and consumers. Klarna also offers financing options to consumers, allowing them to pay for purchases over time.

Ant Financial – Revenue: $1.68 billion

One of the largest fintech companies in the world is Ant Financial, which is based in China. Ant Financial provides financial services to both individuals and businesses. Some of the services offered by Ant Financial include mobile payments, online banking, and investment management.

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