The Largest CRM Companies in the World, and What They Do

As a business owner, you may be wondering which CRM software to use for your business. To know which one will be a better choice for you, you should know these 10 largest CRM companies in the world and what they do.

Sugar – $100 million

SugarCRM is a serious competitor in the CRM market and has been attracting investors as they keep on growing their revenue and users yearly. Their CRM simplifies brands’ work by offering features like marketing automation, sales automation, and cloud or on-premise deployment.

Zoho Corporation – $1 billion

Based in Chennai, India, Zoho Corporation is a company that promises businesses an increase in conversion rate of up to 300% when they use their CRM software, Zoho CRM. Some of the things that this CRM does include daily workflow automation, marketing automation tools, and lead and contact management.

Monday – $2.7 billion

Monday CRM is easy to use and set up and it has features like clients & deals management and insightful analytics, as well as monitoring, customization options, contact export database capabilities, and more that make it sought after by businesses.

Zendesk – $9.43 billion

Zendesk CRM is known for boosting the performance of enterprises like Polaris, Siemens, Shopify, Mailchimp, Grubhub, Khan Academy, and other global companies. Some of Zendesk’s CRM features include contact management, email automation and tracking, integrations and call analytics, and sales dashboard and activity reporting.

Hubspot – $21.8 billion

Hubspot CRM is known for being powerful and easy to use, as the platform meets your needs for marketing, sales, content management, and customer service through its tools and integrations. Some of the features that make Hubspot CRM a hit with business include customer-oriented live webchat and prospect/contact tracking and management.

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