The History of the Cash Register: What to Know

Ritty grew tired of having his profits stolen by less-than-scrupulous bartenders. He invented the register as part of an effort to track his funds and keep track of how much money he made.

The Cash Register: Everything to Know

Cash Register Specs

They come with a series of buttons that allow for a cashier to input the sales of a product, ring up a sale, and then give change. They usually come with some form of integration with credit card payments, meaning that a credit card purchase can be easily rung up.

Cash Register: Where to buy

The cash register and its successor, a Point of Sale system, are no longer the domain of one exclusive company. They can also be purchased from almost any major website, including Amazon, Office Depot, and Staples.

Cash Register Versions: Each Edition

– Ritty’s Incorruptible Cashier – Class 1000 – NCR 390


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