The History of Calculating Tools

The calculation is key in regulating trade, determining the dimensions of land, and planning the construction of buildings, just to name a few essential uses. What’s more, early calculating devices eventually gave way to the first digital computers. But how did one give way to the other? Let’s discuss.

Facts about the History of Calculating Tools

– In all honesty, the earliest calculating tool came already built into mankind: the fingers and the toes.  – Ancient Japan’s soroban device was an early predecessor to the abacus, as was the Chinese suanpan.

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Calculating Tools: History

Looking back, the earliest calculating devices were the methods of shorthand writing used by the ancient Egyptians, Greeks, and Mesopotamians to indicate large, specific quantities.

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The History of Calculating Tools: How They Worked

Early versions of the abacus worked as follows: a metal, wooden, or paper frame held several rods. Each rod would be equipped with ten beads.

The History of Calculating Tools: Historical Significance

These early calculating tools are some of the most historically significant inventions of all time. Without their revolutionary ideas, the digital calculator and, later, the computer never would have been invented.

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