The Complete History of The Burroughs Adding Machine

William Seward Burroughs invented the first fully functioning prototype of his adding machine in 1884. The Burroughs Adding Machine had a rather simple interface consisting of keys used for instructing the machine which numbers to use and what actions to take on those numbers and calculations.

3 Facts About The Burroughs Adding Machine

1. The Burroughs Adding Machine can still be purchased today from sites like Ebay.  2. At one point the Burroughs Adding Machine Company had around ninety percent of the calculator market. 3. There were almost sixty variants of the Burroughs Adding Machine.

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Burroughs Adding Machine History

The Burroughs Adding Machine was invented by one William Seward Burroughs in the late 1800’s as a solution to a common issue he faced: having to tirelessly count numbers at his bank job.

Burroughs Adding Machine: How It Worked

There have been several variations of the Burroughs Adding Machine built and sold over time that were distinguished between classes. The main differences between the classes were the capabilities.

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Burroughs Adding Machine: Historical Significance

The Burroughs Adding Machine eventually became an antique item, and people buy and sell them on Ebay and other sites.

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