The Complete History of Linux: Everything You Need to Know

Linux is used everywhere, from your phone to your smart TV. The Linux kernel can be found powering the software on millions of devices. The difference is that Linux is free and open source and, by nature, compatible with a much wider range of devices.

Facts about Linux

– Linux is free and open source. – Linux is compatible with millions of digital devices. – Linus Torvalds originally created Linux in the early 1990s. – Linux is used on servers, data centers, and even in supercomputers.

The History of Linux

The history of Linux starts with Linus Torvalds, who began work on the code in 1991 while a student at the University of Helsinki. Linus wanted to create a better alternative to MINIX, a UNIX-based operating system developed for use in the educational field.

How to Use Linux

1. Download the installation media from the website of the distribution you want. For Linux Mint, this would be https://linuxmint.com/. 2. Use a program like Etcher or Rufus to create a bootable USB device. 3. Boot from the USB device on your computer.

How To Learn Linux

Due to its similarity to other operating systems, you can get started with Linux having only basic computer skills. Browsing the internet, watching videos, and checking your social media can all be done easily. However, if you want to become a master of Linux, there is a lot to learn.

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