The Best Podcasts About EV (Electric Vehicles)

Fast-paced and exciting, the world of electric vehicles has grown exponentially. Some podcasts give a solid overview of the whole, evolving EV market, while others focus on interesting niches. Here are six of the best EV podcasts in 2022.

Professional podcasts backed by vehicle news organizations tend to be high quality, with accurate information and enjoyable, understandable presentations. But some individual podcast creators also create superior material, too, and these commentators can offer alternate perspective.

InsideEVs Podcast

InsideEVs is dedicated to electric vehicle news, publishing articles, reviews, and commentary from various authors. A large, professionally managed site, it includes the InsideEVs Podcast among its offerings for those fascinated by electric vehicles.

Electrek Podcast

Electrek, like InsideEVs, is another professional EV news site featuring thousands of articles covering all facets of the battery-driven universe. Its podcast, the Electrek Podcast, appears live weekly on the website’s YouTube channel.

Micromobility Podcast

As its name suggests, Microbility Podcast is a news and editorial website advocating for “micromobility.” On their blog, you’ll find the latest news and also comments on EVs and transport. The Micromobility Podcast provides the audio and video part of the site’s material.

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