The Best Dropbox Alternatives

Dropbox has become the unofficial standard for cloud-based file hosting and sharing. If you’re looking for alternatives to Dropbox that are just as easy to use and reliable, here are several options worth considering.

Best Overall Dropbox Alternative: pCloud

pCloud is a fast, secure, and flexible cloud storage service. It’s one of the best Dropbox alternatives because of its excellent security features and an affordable one-time cost for a lifetime subscription.

Best Free Alternative to Dropbox: Google Drive

Google Drive is one of the best free alternatives to Dropbox. It has a similar feature set and interface and is also cloud-based which means you can access your files from any device.

Best for iOS and macOS Users: Apple iCloud Drive

Apple iCloud Drive is another popular option integrated into Apple’s software ecosystem, so if you use other apps and services from the company, you might also want to consider this service.

Best for Microsoft Users: OneDrive

Microsoft’s OneDrive is one of the most popular cloud storage services, with more than 250 million users worldwide. It comes pre-installed on Windows PCs and is offered at no cost with Office 365 subscriptions.

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