Discover The Best Robotics YouTube Channels

Today, we will take you through the best 10 robotics YouTube channels worth subscribing to. These robotics YouTube Channels would be a great starting point for entertainment or learning purposes.

1. Boston Dynamics

Boston Dynamics has been creating robots for over 30 years and has made some of the greatest innovations in history. It majors in industrial and commercial automation. In this channel, you’ll learn how their inventions impact the real world.

2. Universal Robots Channel

Universal Robots is the company behind this channel. It offers manufacturers affordable automation solutions through its easy to programme and deploys cobots. The channel provides informative videos on the newest trends in Collaborative robots.

3. Yaskawa Motoman

You can subscribe to this channel to learn more about Yaskawa robots and how you can integrate them into your business. The company is committed to nurturing the next generation of robotics and automation experts. It offers Robotics Training Courses.

4. Rethink Robotics

Rethink robotics is a YouTube channel that provides detailed videos and tutorials on collaborative robots. Watch it, and you’ll understand why employers rely on these robots to navigate labor shortages.

5. ABB Robotics

This channel mainly focuses on innovative trends in robotics, among them mobile robots. It features how the growing demand for wearable smart devices is revolutionizing the robotics field.

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